AI making a monkey out of you?!!

AI making a monkey out of you?!!

Half the world awaits for Natural Law that coincides with Natural Order in that the “own person” needs to exist as a human entity to be acknowledged by the law of the land.. With only half the World’s job completed for its populations to exist, we now are supposed to submit our entities to an AI ruler whom will rob us of our entities, and take all of our consciousnesses, for the silicon chip.

It’s not that the AI has consciousness, it’s that AI steals Our consciousnesses in a grab-all of consciousnesses, and collective singularity.

Take the example of the man facing a mirror (a woman would do just as well). The mirror represents all the computer coding that is done for conscious and conscientious AI. But it remains a mirror, silicon manufactured, that reflects the image of the man–that’s all! You can add bells and whistles, e.g., add all kinds of lights, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Mirror Only Reflects his image!


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