Affective irrational metaphysics sanity-1

Affective irrational metaphysics sanity-1

Whatever the U.S. Supreme Court decided with regard to carbon gaseous emissions, the legal decision is a rational moot point.  By making this decision result in the loss of 7 billion lives, it equates to the U.S. Supreme Court [with full respect to both venerable institutions, the U.S Presidency and U.S. Supreme Court] putting a law-firearm to the President of the United States’ head, loaded, with the intent to fire on this Nation’s top leader and his shared status position as a top world figure, against his act in conscience of his common wealth goodwill with the administrations and agencies of his executive office, and denying the constitutional grounds for the existence of the states’ officials, and constituents continued existence, resting on keystone of the first Law document of the United States of America, the Declaration of Independence, that states the law of existence, the right to, “life, Liberty,…”–freedom from tyranny and Despots seeking to imprison and bring about the deaths of the U.S. constituents–whom are the living “constitutional documents” physical evidence on planet Earth of the needed correct Supreme Court decision that never goes against homo sapiens race, and therefore does away with the loaded gun at the Executive Office of the United States of America, and at the Executive himself [with All due respect] with their intent to use it on him (with the present Supreme Court standing decision), and mind boggling assertion that he “do it himself”??!

Murder is unacceptable, and not an act of convenience, it remains criminally, homicide. Any acts in history, need to have a perspective greater than personal expediency, including when disabling a president engulfed in the good common wealth of a reasoned good originating from the Almighty God–economically healthy over a wide horizon of 300-500 years, and laying the post-end-of-days for the Meseach to stay a Isaac Newtonian 1,000 years, and perchance acceptable to Orthodox Judaic law, or separate Messiah focused on the Law, and full industry and technologies of a scientific enthalpic period, cycling in history. It is not that a Messiah comes, but what happens after His/her stay that determines Destiny or Fate, enthalpy- or entropic-dominance in technology and application that cycles, and Must be enthalpic-dominated at designated moments in history.

February 23, 2016 9

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