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February 22, 2016 · 7:55 pm

Does Israel do vile, or at least, it’s leaders?!

Does Israel do vile, or at least, it’s leaders?!
A man speaks out of conscience, words that do not get heard in applied psychiatry, but his spirit carries the tune of freedom, “Remember the Exodus! Remember, we were once slaves in Egypt.”

For this he is physically crushed, for this the State crushes his brain, to end the God spot.

Horrible, Crimes against Humanity, the State of Israel, the knowing of the God of Sarah, and Abraham, and family and neighbors destroyed here on Earth. Terrible! Extinguishing a life. Extinguishing the knowing of the One True God. Awful!

Let us find leaders who punish the true offenders of Justice, and allow the God spot to exist–no lobotomies!!

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Government officials gamble against our futures!

Government officials gamble against our futures!

Government degeneracy, unable, or unwilling to come up as a winner player, for all the futures hedge funds tied into government gambling for dysatopia–something that needs to become illegal to bet on; betting also against someone’s life–which is an economic-incentive contract on somebody’s life, needs to be an unlawful act–both needing teeth in prosecution, and sentencing to end the slant by hedge funds, for our demise.

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Incorrect proceedings needing correct forthrightiness to bring the wall down in U.S. Constitutional protest.

Incorrect proceedings needing correct forthrightiness to bring the wall down in U.S. Constitutional protest.

Too much opium/heroin on a Sabbath day for Christians.

A mockery of singularity of mind, spirit, affect, and reason.

Promoted by pushers, of intellectual kindergardens, made out to be sophisticated junkeys–calm, peaceful from the opium; and racing from the extensive amphetamine pills– administered, to a false truth, and declaration of self-god, full of mendacious delusion, resulting from the pharmacopeia, insisted on, by not recognizing the importance of the, now majority, introvert; the intellectual prowess of the affect intuitive; and the prophecy status of Israel in Western thought; brought about by personality rare in society, and beholden to Keven–and needing acclaim for absolutely fitting, perception, and the wisdom to know when fraud is applied to the mainframe computer “sticking it” to pushers for the global syndicate to end, and mock, God, Sabbath, democracy, republic, liberal economics, and voting for actual leadership, that espoused these principles of liberal education, minus the no-value or negative value, all-is-nonesense, of professing done by particularly strategized, failure-enriched, liberal arts professors to doom philosophy, art, and science.

Pushers “stuck to” by mainframe computers collecting this garbage of anti-Meliorism, in agreement with the U.S. Supreme Court whom do better to bring the Berlin wall down, like a British, no-confidence vote, written in our U.S. Constitution, as protest and assembly similar to Yeltsin @ Gorky Park.

Better to do constructive politics than continue this “heresey of truth” in our world history, emphasized by a decayed Britain, Moscow, Berlin, Sweden, Bejing, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, and socialist communist party of Sanders.

Establish a timetable for primaries, government sponsored third party of Hayek-FDR-Keynesian left democratic party, and election of all government leadership never holding government posts before–competing with Democratic, Republic, and Socialist Party candidates, for presidency and elected posts, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

Amend the U.S. Constitution to allow this historical event to transpire.

The U.S. Constitution document was written at a time when it was incumbent upon this nation to focus on exploiting internal natural resources in the manner of Manifest Destiny, which is opposite in commerce and social science to the globalized society that exists today.

It is, therefore, incumbent upon us to amend this U.S. Constitutional document so that it speaks more of the language of globalization, and this Century’s Marshall Plan II economic stimulus, for gross profits of private enterprise in contract with the U.S. global republic, and establishment of global infrastructure of fission, fusion, Canadian mini-power units, and cow gas-management in the 209 industrial nations.

Abraham Boulder, —-Keven.

Moral Authority.

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Generations of free continue, wishing for everyone to do the same!

Everything is things, nothing, and negative things to negative infinity.

It is by holding onto this above definition, that we uphold and transcend existential experience, by refuting zeroes, and negating negative experience; and by flourishing with goals, accountable results, and 500-yr projections on business horizons, and 1,000-yr supermarket-Issac Newtonian prophesy.

End-of-days, is not end-of-world, but end-of-world, as-we-know-it. Jew ends, the living kike, continues, to transcend terribleness to the tune of the very good, and great, to an evolved form further than the generations of Jew!

Only by this transcendence, can there be hope of a Meseach responding to a new, evolving people. To be named; as generations change, grow, and prosper!

With fusion, fission, hydrogen power being realized, and Canadian innovation in mini-power units, and with efforts to control cow methane gas, We Have Promise of a future, dimmed by hopeless sex, and lacking credibility in its insistence, on Rouseauean futility.

Abraham Boulder.

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Minions cataclysm of a certain active mind.

Minions cataclysm of a certain active mind.
16th Iceberg of 100 trillion microbiomes made to feel good by New Jersey ice cream chemicals, and opoid abuse (and eating the “chocolate” ice cream beyond reasonable amounts), to the point of entertaining, through primitive rituals of a homosexual-type–set up for “self-less®” (cinematic) host annihilation of personal ego, judgement, and annihilation, in a “social” reminiscent of the book, “metaphysics club.” (as a direct result of linking to chemistry in the chocolate ice cream, digestive microbiomes, bad critters by the trillions by excessive dessert chemistry), made terrible in the heart and brain, for a primitive anal exercise (like yoga) that creates a Indu-Rasputan-Jew cataclysmic agent (mind) for futures hedge funds of the global syndicate against; wherewithal for Meliorism of a much more enlightened, intelligent focus on wisdom practices and emerging behavioral science wisdom literature, and coaching through the 15 icebergs, including God’s acceptance of a Satan wager against the human species made manifest with Job, and displaying Man’s incredible capacity to be better Judge, and better Wisdom, and better Action than God Himself (whom bet against Man, thinking him incapable of sailing past the icebergs) by Man being Great, as Man’s environment requires, compared to God’s assessment of “good” (appropriate for food–not being rotten), that includes the wherewithal to sail by 15 icebergs to the Promised Land, Earth, returning to Earthbase–home, as if for the first time, with newborn kittens, puppies, and babies, for winning the wage against God’s cycles in history of darkness against mankind’s laxity; and facing each and every Satan of Earth cataclysms, which we remediate since the Lisbon earthquake, which was Voltaire’s deep sadness relieved, by taking action to repair, and improve, existing living environments on Earth.

Earth 1st, Me 2nd. Voltaire, labors favorite, along with public libraries in the United States.

Marshall Plan II, bio-engineering the future, with bio-genetic species, if diversity required, to keep mini ecosystems cycling, and sucking up poisons individually, by altering the genes of the plants to absorb a particular toxen for each genetically modified plant, and modified organisms. Industry infused with applied entrepreneurial economics of Marshall Plan II–Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.


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The State as King and God

The State as King and God
Some Americans believe in the king, or queen, of fatherlands where the king is God. At peril to fellow Americans whom are targeted for human sacrifice to this ideal, our U.S. Constitution is plundered and treated to be a relic of such pomposity.

The king then serves as symbol of Totalitarianism, such as in Sweden, Russia, now possibly Germany and England.

Under this guise Abraham Lincoln’s wise saying, “that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time,” becomes false and the State lacks the self-evident of Thomas Jefferson, so that under All conditions the Power of the Governed, has no contact with the State. Further by these belligerent, homicidal Americans, the U.S. government is God and King, at least with the assistance of my childhood brother, whom apparently works for government.

On the other hand, we have an opportunity to prepare the living for death, and the dead for the new influx of dead. Known as the zombie ratio, how much politics do you do for the dead, whom want you dead; when the other part of the ratio is, how much do you do for optimum vitale (you know: puppies, kittens, babies, children, houses, and mother-in-laws)?

Abraham Boulder.

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