Zen Master meet The End, scary, huh! huh! huh!

Zen Master meet The End, scary, huh! huh! huh!

Introducing Agent X. Capable and able in creating disaster scenarios, then disable those with the competency to handle the situation well.

A walking “end scenario”, repeating over, and over, and over. Mission: eliminate others’ irrationality, trample on all hearts, and stop ontological study in metaphysics, so that we regress as a species, instead of pioneering in natural philosophy that has a social context essential to fighting Totalitarianism, competing with what makes us homo sapiens sapiens sapiens–do we torture with the Ultimate Truth that the State–the state–is the Supreme Ruler of the Universe–that madness comes our New God!!!?

That death, is Victor over all of us, before we ever live? Do you even know how to ask the question: how do I relearn to live, instead of default–death??! Do you know how the State kills a soul???! They eliminate metaphysics as an entry for enquiry, for experience in millenia traditions, for soulful meditation on: Was it worth living!!!? Did death have to become banal, a technical degree?

Do we now join sorcerers and Satanists, no longer allowed to believe in the Almighty God of good common wealth–of goodness, not just Christian-dominated hell??! To attend Church, Mosque, or Synagogue, and not feel more wicked than learning the A-B-C’s of Very good, and Very, Very good to combat homocidal maniacs now career-suited as Narcissist, Machiavellian psychopaths no longer willing to work in liberal economies, because their anti-social tendencies require “give me” without the work skills, America wisely called, “genius,” instead of some acute personality-disorder aggressor, voting responsibly for president candidates, better suited for anarchy and cannibalism, than responsible leadership???!

—-Keven. meditate on that.

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