Post-Enlightenment revolution requires end to overthinking; spirit, Required learning. Better Understanding of ourselves. Stop. Let live. Adapt. R&R. And good luck.

Revolution uses language for purpose, function, and results. It is the Command in cognitive faculties and the human command of AI.

Computer singularity was meant to be enslavement; instead, AI Tool reduces complexity into understandable segments for the human creature, (the homo sapiens sapiens cerebrum and universal planetary cerebellum), advancing in wisdom intelligence, WQ (wisdom, per se puts the person to sleep–wisdom intelligence grabs him by the collar and says, “this is absolutely necessary that you listen: as it is'”).

Affective intelligence like reason is an aspect of spirit (extended Gassendi paraphrase).

Emotional intelligence needs to be taken off the shelves as schizophrenia of emotional bursts. Full expression (broad spectrum) needs to be fully studied rather than left as a neuroses or depression.

If you have a hard time in it’s comprehension, do take your time to read available literature on emotional intelligence, and also take the time to learn it’s broad spectrum.

Such an endeavor would increase understanding the human condition immeasurably (ironically, literally, “measurably,” as effect, quantifiable, perceptively, at length–lengthy descriptors of differential adjectives ethics technology of a value index -1 to zero as destructive capacity, and zero to +1 as constructive capacity values correct supported by Earth scientific facts.

Negative one is “nuclear winter.

Positive one is human singularity as an atheist or believer in a constructive, good and great God within, human command of AI Tool with opposable thumbs for tool handling.

IQ has it’s intellectual prowess, but the ego steeped in it always wants to use too much of this type of intelligence, and; thereby, overuse their own ego, and not stop using IQ “’till all are dead!”

Abraham Boulder

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