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What kind of country we have, anyway?

When someone can contract a dreaded disease from Dept. of Defense/China at the University of.Washington to kill 100,000.

Then give children arsenic on the lips until they die. Then give sulfuric acid straight up, bubbling to delight this sorcerer who then has the kids lungs burned out by the sulfuric acid gas.

Then he tears the children a part and throws some cranium broken brain matter at me from the unit above that contain viral substances meant to represent placing dark and ugly goeey substances of pure mystery on my person.

One wonders how he gets away with this at a time when we need more accounting for what’s the correct thing to do instead of just what feels good to be the right, the wrong (both) thing to do.

Abraham Boulder

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Can this be true?

In solitude, my psyche economy surplus of imagined discussions with other person’s, “shake” my hand on my constructive philosophy of post-Enlightenment reality post-dating post-modern subversive arguments to reality, who claims victory in a catcall; as well as lies implemented in the age of Straussian philosophy.

It touches personal memories because previous family from back East is involved in claiming victory in post-modern perversion against democracy and liberal economics.

It should suffice that socialist communists brought us unions, and even influenced Republican President Nixon to make provision for unemployment benefits for those laid off from work.

It’s fair to say the Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt led in discovering answers to the pernicious effect of a depression upon this nation and the world.

Let it be known that he was president or President President Truman soon after that a Marshall Plan was implemented to rebuild Germany and Japan, and the same thing can occur should there be a world-wide depression or great recession.

Where President Nixon went ahead to get us off the gold standard to belabor liberal economics as a working system that is reliable, a Marshall Plan II can serve to implement new green industry with research and development on the fly for purchasing state-of-art applied technologies to solve our present ecoequilibrium problem for the next 12 years.

The amount of work necessary means jobs, jobs, jobs in a planned program satisfying Socialist communists, Democrats, Republicans and Fascists alike.

The money seems to exist but supporting action by President Nixon who took us completely off the gold standard, Fort Knox gold can be used to reengineer liberal economics for this new century and beyond.

It is with the above mentioned information that I await the possible summons to mental health board of Washington State Court House in the obvious post-modern alleged activity of subversion by a board member “against the private initiative” to get to the bottom of this ecoequilibrium exoplanet problem. And secure the world for generations’ to come, and continue exploring the moon(s) and Mars and beyond.

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Aware that the Beginning is NOW!

“God is the self-awareness inherent in the cosmos to the intuitive scientist.”*

Is it a mirror; and are we aware how embedded we are, our intimacy is broad and complete with the subparticle physics to the universe?

That human singularity, like the economy of India may have a focus prayer to the “pragmatic diety of creation” as the “only one God” in order to stifle dieties, destructive by the tens of thousands whose saliency is of such a degree that the ackowledged forms are recognized destructive dieties instead of lesser forms of demons in a worker’s awareness.

The human singularity is a form of serenity, resilience and focus on worker’s trade or as equipment adjustor of machines and robots for very, very high productivity.

Such affective intelligence by self-awareness effects the bottom line to the trillion dollars mark each day.

What about self-awareness? One-sixth of Carl Jung description of personality.

Considered role of “prophet of Israel in Western Civilization.”


“Civilization over, finished philosophically. Emphasize rebuilding global civilization and world societies whose philosophy must be the psychology “to win” against apparently insurmiubtable odds of dormant fat butt cheeks in the derriere department.

“Ten year schedule. Private initiative vs. China’s government battling air pollution.

“You need me to establish the mindset of a paradigm to be shifted to solving divergent problems–in talk.

“Yeah! We can do it. Why care? Because if you don’t, it doesn’t matter to you anyway. So that leaves those who are hungry to work in the “green” field.

“Environmental consulting firms are notorious for pleasing government that is irresponsible.

“Mavericks must take on “sleaze” and prove themselves capable of scheduling a final hour when all achieved ecoequilibrium with this exoplanet coincides with human results. Their integrity at work can seal the human endeavor on the level of a NASA, but like Moody’s can be private and can participate in the process and build a reputation of doing things “correctly” and solved by divergent multiple answers; non linear thinking and applying a “flux” or “plasma” drive on priorities, so what gets done first can pivot in case we are out of sequence.”

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

“We are here to build the pyramids in this new global civilization and societies.”


*Copyright © 2005, 2016 by Śankara Śaranam First BenBella Books Edition May 2008 Tenth Anniversary Edition January 2016

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Demand for wisdom intelligence, WQ, an acquired self-knowledge not taught in colleges and universities

Self knowledge of intuition is the way to manage our dangerous and lethal technologies.

Wisdom intelligence and affect intelligence kept on a short leash, but usable–doable has the capacity to win.

To have learned about your self, and your own me, to learn what your “I” is about in dynamics and precaution puts the pressure of aquiring wisdom intelligence (that is, an idea whom grabs your attention by the scruff of the neck and tells you “we are in a ‘do or die’ situation now–this moment–and alternative voices with high relevant impact must be heard and acted on (nay or yeah!).” And this juncture may have frequent passes so the cognitive process must be stream-lined but not be made into a diminutive, precautious device.

What resides cognitively is a continual feed “what does this–in the moment–and in context of meeting set short and long-range goals leads to winning the game 10 years in time from now (two years ahead of schedule to account for unanticipated delays).”

How is the process going forward via self-reflection by constructive intuitive analysis by those who apply both, intuition and corporal, mechanical logic; or someone self-taught in constructive intuition that needs to be used at this crux moment in history to think “out of mind” purpose-ly because Einstein said (paraphrasing), “you can’t solve the problem in the mindset the problem got made in.” Paradigm shifts in context of our new original goals in the 21st Century take original thinking outside of the previous paradigm mindset, where the problem, or conflict arose.

So “the town or urban crier” makes himself available to coordinate in general conversation with the public for the leadership considering a new paradigm; looking for an “out of mind,” constructive, intuitive co-leader) whom makes suggestions with a weight on the “hidden mind” or subconscious. But specifically, the common unconscious–the pool of information available to a private, personal consciousness and subconscious whom recollects upon a venue whom he and others just previously attended (a golf course, tennis, fishing), and relate to others in a socially acclimated brain state of helath (hence) he is naturally conversant in his subconscious with commons venue participants, or staff, shared with other’s private, personal unconsciousness and this second person’s, perspective of this venue experience in the common unconsciousness of his, the second person’s private, personal unconscious.

Thereby considering in conversation information he and someone else who was previously at the same venue consider together later, but not by one-on-one ESP (point-to-point interaction)–not accepted by the American Psychiatric Association.

No, by the shared venue commons. The environs is the venue and the recollection of the venue commons serves as the vehicle to discuss matters of interest or importance that may be “an issue in conflict” and without investing overly in concern, interests reside in resolvimg the conflicted innervation in the psyche in the common(s) unconscious correctly, as the ideal solution response, provided time is made for constructive, intuitive context and alternative follow-through action in regards to the biggest venue we have, exoplanet Earth itself.

Abraham Boulder

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Ultimate Leadership Toughening up the human soul

The tough in human and vertical hierarchy response is probably 40 percent viral and retroviral (RNA viral for human DNA).

Bad viral are studied for disease causing ability including lethal capability.

From “Evolving Ourselves,” nice or good viral providing a symbiotic relationship for 60 percent human DNA, probably exist, but no funds for study are forthcoming because pathology-causing fatal epidemics are attempted to stop quickly

Strong leadership probably need viral participation in human concerns.

Should there be a “tough, good guy” and it’s plausible there are many–they would come across as “saviors” solving problems badly needing answers, and a “stick with-it” attitude and resolve to make it workable–solving our pressing problems.

Abraham Boulder

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Attention: fun is defined differently

“What the great political thinker Hannah Arendt meant by totalitarianism was not an all-powerful state, but the erasure of the difference between private and public life. We are free only insofar as we exercise control over what people know about us, and in what circumstances they come to know it. During the campaign of 2016, we took a step toward totalitarianism without even noticing by accepting as normal the violation of electronic privacy. Whether it is done by American or Russian intelligence agencies, or for that matter by any institution, the theft, discussion, or publication of personal communications destroys a basic foundation of our rights. If we have no control over who reads what and when, we have no ability to act in the present or plan for the future. Whoever can pierce your privacy can humiliate you and disrupt your relationships at will. No one (except perhaps a tyrant) has a private life that can survive public exposure by hostile directive.”

Copyright O 2017 by Timothy
All rights reserved.
Published in the United States
by Tim Duggan Books, an
imprint of the Crown
Publishing Group, a division
of Penguin Random House
LLC, New York.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven

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