Can this be true?

In solitude, my psyche economy surplus of imagined discussions with other person’s, “shake” my hand on my constructive philosophy of post-Enlightenment reality post-dating post-modern subversive arguments to reality, who claims victory in a catcall; as well as lies implemented in the age of Straussian philosophy.

It touches personal memories because previous family from back East is involved in claiming victory in post-modern perversion against democracy and liberal economics.

It should suffice that socialist communists brought us unions, and even influenced Republican President Nixon to make provision for unemployment benefits for those laid off from work.

It’s fair to say the Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt led in discovering answers to the pernicious effect of a depression upon this nation and the world.

Let it be known that he was president or President President Truman soon after that a Marshall Plan was implemented to rebuild Germany and Japan, and the same thing can occur should there be a world-wide depression or great recession.

Where President Nixon went ahead to get us off the gold standard to belabor liberal economics as a working system that is reliable, a Marshall Plan II can serve to implement new green industry with research and development on the fly for purchasing state-of-art applied technologies to solve our present ecoequilibrium problem for the next 12 years.

The amount of work necessary means jobs, jobs, jobs in a planned program satisfying Socialist communists, Democrats, Republicans and Fascists alike.

The money seems to exist but supporting action by President Nixon who took us completely off the gold standard, Fort Knox gold can be used to reengineer liberal economics for this new century and beyond.

It is with the above mentioned information that I await the possible summons to mental health board of Washington State Court House in the obvious post-modern alleged activity of subversion by a board member “against the private initiative” to get to the bottom of this ecoequilibrium exoplanet problem. And secure the world for generations’ to come, and continue exploring the moon(s) and Mars and beyond.

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