Aware that the Beginning is NOW!

“God is the self-awareness inherent in the cosmos to the intuitive scientist.”*

Is it a mirror; and are we aware how embedded we are, our intimacy is broad and complete with the subparticle physics to the universe?

That human singularity, like the economy of India may have a focus prayer to the “pragmatic diety of creation” as the “only one God” in order to stifle dieties, destructive by the tens of thousands whose saliency is of such a degree that the ackowledged forms are recognized destructive dieties instead of lesser forms of demons in a worker’s awareness.

The human singularity is a form of serenity, resilience and focus on worker’s trade or as equipment adjustor of machines and robots for very, very high productivity.

Such affective intelligence by self-awareness effects the bottom line to the trillion dollars mark each day.

What about self-awareness? One-sixth of Carl Jung description of personality.

Considered role of “prophet of Israel in Western Civilization.”


“Civilization over, finished philosophically. Emphasize rebuilding global civilization and world societies whose philosophy must be the psychology “to win” against apparently insurmiubtable odds of dormant fat butt cheeks in the derriere department.

“Ten year schedule. Private initiative vs. China’s government battling air pollution.

“You need me to establish the mindset of a paradigm to be shifted to solving divergent problems–in talk.

“Yeah! We can do it. Why care? Because if you don’t, it doesn’t matter to you anyway. So that leaves those who are hungry to work in the “green” field.

“Environmental consulting firms are notorious for pleasing government that is irresponsible.

“Mavericks must take on “sleaze” and prove themselves capable of scheduling a final hour when all achieved ecoequilibrium with this exoplanet coincides with human results. Their integrity at work can seal the human endeavor on the level of a NASA, but like Moody’s can be private and can participate in the process and build a reputation of doing things “correctly” and solved by divergent multiple answers; non linear thinking and applying a “flux” or “plasma” drive on priorities, so what gets done first can pivot in case we are out of sequence.”

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

“We are here to build the pyramids in this new global civilization and societies.”


*Copyright © 2005, 2016 by Śankara Śaranam First BenBella Books Edition May 2008 Tenth Anniversary Edition January 2016

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