What now?

Gotleib, Sydney of Poisoner-in-chief fame allegedly pulled out of grave to live Stages 1-9.

May be working concoctions to D.O.A. allegedly fellow Jews in a classical Jungian query, “Why do Jews kill their own.”

I’m not saying this is definitely happening but he may be taking his “medicine” home with him and trying it on me.

And it’s ideal to go call me a paranoid freak.

But when do you take this guy serious? And what do you expect, if this guy is living stages 4 through 9 of living (death).

What do you expect from a guy that wants more people to join him stages 1 through 9 of living (death).

I’ll see if I get to live.

PCB seems to have died for the fifth time. So who’s upstairs now? And what’s Wig-wam doing going after me too?

Abraham Boulder.

P.S. if I know my brother’s butthole and how he gets info from it–stealing info even for Ph.D.: his cannabis trips would be with Sidney and the Nazi chemists and Stalinist chemists who are now “mailing information” to America subconscious in psyche economy deficit to preach the destruction of the United States from the central intelligence labs.

Of course, you don’t know if anybody is serious about taking the U.S. down and how much money they are going to get for doing so?

But I think the thought processes are a bit too creepy and certainly keeps me away from cannabis use!


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