Is it possible?

Human host to lamas and rodents that have their own agendas and hide in high places (as in Intel officials) whom, by the way, 100% filthy due to investigating cadavers once the person expires looking for clues and “mating” in a sense with all this filth.

It’s a superfund site upstairs and the filth is absolutely tremendous.

Ask the neurohermenistically by addressing them as “human host species” and they answer.

Possible India-China connection to end human life on exoplanet Earth.

It’s Earth with a capital E, because these guys are earth, filth, dirt, and soil and interconnect by mating and possibly viral “string” instruction from string theory environment and possible alien viral, anti-human earth development on exoplanet Earth.

It’s sources are Asia, Central and South America and Africa.

Since this includes India and China, it must include Russia as well, especially because the weather has gotten hot in Siberia. Therefore, the “human host species” possibly migrates seasonally.

As of now, I don’t think they are born that way. Develops at 18 and later including senior years.

Labs may exist to try to succeed to make them borne at birth instead of starting to develop at 18 years old human host species.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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