Check what you need now.

Government isn’t only source of capital.

Venture capitalists, angel venturists, and crowdsourcing and donations show varied means to money.

Business plans on what venture capitalists are looking for in investing will put you on track to the right business to plan.

Search for crowdsourcing interests and try driving interest for a business you have in mind. This is an internet phenomenon and involves small and abundant or plentiful investors.

Key is to electrify business plans that appeal to essential work that the small investor would want to invest in these green required times.

Your accounting should be a strong suit with good or excellent software to make it easy maintenance. DOUBLE ENYRY.

Chicago may have a software company that accounts using double entry system. This way what money goes for purchasing assets gets accounted for as also expenses. And acquired revenues are income receivable are also recorded in appropriate accounts payable to balance out accounts.

The software also gives formal accounting statements to show health of the business.

General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) is the accounting system that uses the accounting methodology used. Seek this GAAP system in computer software.

Good luck.


Abraham Boulder

Plans should be professionally printed. A new college grad can help you make it look business professional.

Presentation of business plan can be crisp and sharp with tools in Office 360, WordPerfect suite or Ami Pro.

It’s possible that emphasis would not be on presenting slides.

A professional business proposal will be what’s wanted.

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