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More correctness underway.

Noting that homo sapiens sapiens sapiens can physically evolve.

And given that the challenges to get to that point is great.

I now speak of correct behavior not measured for “goodness” or “badness” but unconscious impetus “of intent” descriptors or idea quanta such that during the discussion some historical souls have the intent for Schrodinger’s cat to be alive, symbolizing the homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens’ nonextinction outcome.

These discussions have linguistic values that enable foci of discussion to focus on future actual events as the loci, or location that must be measured to determine whether the discussion’s intent is in fact for the cat to be alive or anticipating by triggering-with-intent in a spatial universe (loci indicated) with exacting measured dimension from linguistic-foci to “intent”-loci exact physical measurement of intentor’s behavior in conpetition with Intenders” behavior trying to leave the Schrodinger’s cat dead (and humanity’s species gone).

In this way the argument of good or bad can, in this case, be put to rest while estimating behavior in the Intent to result in cat alive. Measuring in subconscious behavior within standard deviations acceptable from the mean in correct intent behavior that leaves Schrodinger’s cat alive.

Anraham Boulder

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Mud slime evolution digressing to be dalai lama with no soul, no heart, no brain, no spirit.  Lack of human essence.

Garbage notched for physical action.

Subhuman derivative from attacking it’s brain so much, having no heart of his own that is essentially a single cell physiology, in lack with multiple nucleuses to emphasize viral DNA and filth.

M.O. Aryan. Nazi. Soviet. Fucking and talking to dead in reverie.

Dishonest.  Duplicity. Lacking human DNA intelligence except to murder and commit suicide.  Greek toga scholarship. Lacks Hebrew destiny for human race generation-to-generation destiny of human race.  Hebrew tradition upholding sacred value for human race destiny.

Evolved man.  Dalai lama.  A curse upon its form. Swarming on its belly eternally.  Created to stop homo sapiens sapiens sapiens and the other two human sapiens species from a destiny of generations as the Book of Numbers decrees for the human race.

Abraham Boulder

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Soul searching

Last call, for “alcohol.”

But, before polluting ourselves with drink, let us assess our situation of the homo sapiens species created 300,000 years ago.

We have a crisis upon crisis. And we have grave opportunity to evolve for better future (1) by contagion, (2) physical evolution involving human command and AI quantum fusion tool. (3) Adaptation by bioengineering manipulation of genome while maintaining sacredness of (a) cortex, (b) lymbic system, (c) heart sensors.

Biodiversity is paramount as genetic law of our species’ survival.

You may not marry a different race. But tolerance for–difference–assures the best chance for our species to survive.

Steady as she goes and the widest horizon to avoid icebergs.

Meditating to conscious awareness leading to metanalyses, or

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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Are we in perspective?

Mental clarity and concentrated focus
?Where is conc. focus?

Do we exit the scene?  Answer: the exoplanet is our playground and work place.

Shall we play, after we pray.  Shall we deal with the fact that German, Russian, Japanese in Mongolia, and now, I guess President Assad’s chemists are upmost interest to the Department of Defense “to clear the air” sort of speak.  Our air, Americans.

We seem to take the scientists of our enemies as a “rush of importance” to do us all in ahead of schedule, when final analysis dictates we make allowance for concerted effort to solve our global problems, and mass murder left as acts of desperation that do not belong in the legions of private sector initiatives and innovation, healthy competition, and the achievements of literal dead-lines for the next 8 years.

The Enrons will leave the arena.  And futures, to get paid will claim “all is lost;” when “all has just begun.”

The futures investment is “getting no return for investing in no work.”  You must invest in a future for there to be an actual return on investment.  There has to be a future for a future payout.

Those who invest in nothing will always be defaulted to getting nothing because the banks will simply close their doors and payout absolutely nothing.  If you want a return in the future, make sound investments for a future.  As the book says, “We are always near the end.”  Gamble on a future, it’s always risky.  Be up for the challenge. If burned out by drugs or alcohol, detox.  Learn the telomere, healthy extension lifestyle to find yourself feeling alive again, or at the worst, no longer feel burned out.

That’s actually “calculated, financial risk for a return on investment” for continuing a future. Instead of just laying down and dying.

Take a chance of a future for living a destiny of continued human generations.  Calculated risk involving exact work we need done correctly, yields a profit margin, if we avoid “” bubbles.

Perhaps less cognitive statements and more “moving the cheese.”  Evoking a business plan in agreement to make it real.

Abraham Boulder

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Oh! To be known–by the machine

From amino acids to digital ones and zeroes to sand and sun bursts:

Did we lose something along the way

As we lose ourselves to artificiality, we’re actually losing homo sapiens sapiens physically evolving to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens from human command and AI fusion quantum tool. And bioengineering tool with sacred cortex and lymbic system {for acknowledged heart and brainWork) evolving to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

Abraham Boulder

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