Soul searching

Last call, for “alcohol.”

But, before polluting ourselves with drink, let us assess our situation of the homo sapiens species created 300,000 years ago.

We have a crisis upon crisis. And we have grave opportunity to evolve for better future (1) by contagion, (2) physical evolution involving human command and AI quantum fusion tool. (3) Adaptation by bioengineering manipulation of genome while maintaining sacredness of (a) cortex, (b) lymbic system, (c) heart sensors.

Biodiversity is paramount as genetic law of our species’ survival.

You may not marry a different race. But tolerance for–difference–assures the best chance for our species to survive.

Steady as she goes and the widest horizon to avoid icebergs.

Meditating to conscious awareness leading to metanalyses, or

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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