Mud slime evolution digressing to be dalai lama with no soul, no heart, no brain, no spirit.  Lack of human essence.

Garbage notched for physical action.

Subhuman derivative from attacking it’s brain so much, having no heart of his own that is essentially a single cell physiology, in lack with multiple nucleuses to emphasize viral DNA and filth.

M.O. Aryan. Nazi. Soviet. Fucking and talking to dead in reverie.

Dishonest.  Duplicity. Lacking human DNA intelligence except to murder and commit suicide.  Greek toga scholarship. Lacks Hebrew destiny for human race generation-to-generation destiny of human race.  Hebrew tradition upholding sacred value for human race destiny.

Evolved man.  Dalai lama.  A curse upon its form. Swarming on its belly eternally.  Created to stop homo sapiens sapiens sapiens and the other two human sapiens species from a destiny of generations as the Book of Numbers decrees for the human race.

Abraham Boulder

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