More correctness underway.

Noting that homo sapiens sapiens sapiens can physically evolve.

And given that the challenges to get to that point is great.

I now speak of correct behavior not measured for “goodness” or “badness” but unconscious impetus “of intent” descriptors or idea quanta such that during the discussion some historical souls have the intent for Schrodinger’s cat to be alive, symbolizing the homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens’ nonextinction outcome.

These discussions have linguistic values that enable foci of discussion to focus on future actual events as the loci, or location that must be measured to determine whether the discussion’s intent is in fact for the cat to be alive or anticipating by triggering-with-intent in a spatial universe (loci indicated) with exacting measured dimension from linguistic-foci to “intent”-loci exact physical measurement of intentor’s behavior in conpetition with Intenders” behavior trying to leave the Schrodinger’s cat dead (and humanity’s species gone).

In this way the argument of good or bad can, in this case, be put to rest while estimating behavior in the Intent to result in cat alive. Measuring in subconscious behavior within standard deviations acceptable from the mean in correct intent behavior that leaves Schrodinger’s cat alive.

Anraham Boulder

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