Monthly mandatory allowance

Mitt Romney. the Republican party, and President Trump can rejoice over the monies that can be made available for affordability and survivability in a halted U.S. economy.

Liberal economic law exists with regard to the $1,000 per month Affordability Act to each and every person living in the U.S. borders.

The economic law states that “when funds are made available to the American public who need the money at a critical moment–which means the funding will be spent in its entirety each month by the American consumers, the influx of monies of monthly benefits, economically, is a huge shot in the arm for the  economy itself, especially it is true because the monies will be spent completely and go to food and vital services.

This is a tremendous advantage to play economically when the economy falters and needs to regain footing from the spread of the caronavirus worldwide.

Lower crime rates occur as a result of payments made to the needy population of this country.  Also stem the tide of beggars and rabblerousrs from “owning” the streets.

Funds made available would allow police to focus on major crime behaviors of criminal mentalities.

Petty thievery would happen less often. 

This monthly installment to personal finance could be extended to the exoplanet Earth’s green trade; applied entrepreneurial economy.

With renewables doting the landscape faster and faster, infrastructure develops a functionality of efficiency, known as “productivity.”

Abraham Boulder

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