Slobs in Paradise

Wretched usage of nano urethra tubes from anus assholes dripping with feces and peppered with gangrene to place people whom have no national liabilities concerns.

In fact, being in constructive frame of mind against their sordid behaviors. their misappropiated funds, their insistence on the failure of this great nation and the world at-large.

Their defiance any level of decency–the indignant acts of madmen whose speaks “information frees our country.”

In the borders of this great nation, constituents are not “expendables,” homes are not secret prisons to mutilate human form, and society is not “the Big Prison” of Soviet enthusiastes.

I call on the honorable Inspector General to bring in these agents and directors who have been left out in the cold after a lifetime of service to this country.

And help gain good senses again by debriefing these men and women, having plied the madness of a world at-large in its insane efforts to rid us of our species, our homes, sacred holy places on Earth and every exoplanet we visit who gives us the freedom to plant a holy sanctuary of worship to constructive endeavors, constructive achievements and literal dead-lines to pushing the envelope of historical time to its limits for homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens in physical evolution and constructive virtue.

Abraham Boulder

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