So what’s up with the “hidden brain?”

In light of DSM-VI information is power.

Anti-social disorder with psychosis is a group disorder that communicates in the subconscious commons, the psyches’ reserve.

Symbolically, this “common unconscious” is a foci on the locus of the International Space Station, and, of course figurative symbolic archetypes of universal galaxies.

First, determined to be false as in statistical analysis where all beginnings of trials start at zero.

They incorporate linguistic content focused on “the destruction” of global society because group anti-social disorder is a psyche economy deficit; whereas, constructive endeavor, achievement, and meeting literal dead-lines, is action of people in psyche economy surplus.

The schedule or mission of the anti-social person often entrenched in 24-hour activism is to “end the species.”

Like a start-up, efforts within psyche economy surplus need a 24-hour clock and activism is commendable for constructive achievement (similar to Thomas Edison sleeping in his library at his shop when not working on his inventions).

Sleep is an imperative and family a plus.  Fighting social isolation when not in a pandemic relieves the critical need for Other and others.

Second rule states that “voice verification” on a phone aps is required for all command orders given over telecommunications.

If there is any hope of not getting communications crossed up, it takes voice verification on both ends, the sender’s and receiver’s end.

That assures constructive destructive is implemented, limiting destructive power except when in the area of probability of last and total final destruction.

If we don’t initiate an apocalyptic Armaggedon it is because (1) information is power (2) communication was successful.  (3) work was implemented on a 24-hour schedule (4) people worked while maintaining family and friends, and finally,

(5) Defense on practical matters secures the “private initiative” of at-home applied entrepreneuial economics of applied green sciences, applied green technologies and economies of scale necessary to exact reversal of our destructive tendencies and build a common destiny of generatons of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens to come.

Abraham Boulder

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