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Some thoughts towards leadership . . . your own!!

Some thoughts towards leadership . . . your own!!

My inspirational leadership is to slash through to the correct paradox singularity. In fact, achieving the art of multiple answers, all serving the divergent final answer, is something always worthwhile to undertake.

Freemasonry is a concept for psycheeconomy surplus affect intelligence that develops American doctrine that frees us from the chains of ignorance we bask ourselves in, and forces us to trek upwards with the inspiring natural phenomenon of sanity found in a spatial and sacred perspective of “up” to a ceiling that upholds the God of sanity, and can lead to productive and effective answers of a divergent brain realization of final solutions whose model of thinking is in the “Brain Creativity” book endorsed by Harvard Medical School. Those whom seek correct final solutions that are needed in the Science of Chaos (i.e., knowledge that provides stability amongst limited chaotic energy), and in rebuilding a new civilization to replace our now defunct civilization that collaborates amongst itself and global societies for planetary development via energizing physics available to all, and universally found as “enthalpy”–although research continues to try to turn this one of two fundamental forms of energy on in nongravity environments for “big”-matter-physics, living organisms.

What this all means is that “it is not a prob[lem]” to find and use enthalpy once you realize it’s pervaseness, and actualizing it by stop straining your reserves for pleasure and commitments that is An Pejorative Abundant Tap into Entropy Steadily instead of an “recharging-of-your-batteries” with ENTHALPY

Piloting yourself this way may seem “juvenile” only because your creative energy is productive in divergent answers, and creativity is often a child-like enterprise! Really.

Now, to those to whom this is there concern . . . and I mean you.

There’s a sales pitch for entry into the multi-racial world that bigots want dead. It doesn’t mean bi-racial marriage to “survive, then thrive” unless you are doing that.

What it does mean . . . now check this out! . . . is the discovery that urban living has a level of chaos hidden in surburban America and the chaos you survived in in urban America (that means, science of chaos in behavior psychology and behavior science of psychiatry) can reach a singularity with the “white- agenda”-of-housekeeping, in that, Mr. White, is heading down with his vehicle onto the freeway looking in the universe of his experience for deliberately placed stop-and-go signs to a universal bumble that comes from a five-thousand-old civilization of the subcontinent of Asia. And Mr. White could use a “jump start” to cope in this country with chaos he finds you assist him with your cognitive function (focus here is social skills involving cognitive display of interaction of multi-racial environment of urban dwelling).

Now, what this means is that, Mr. White is exposed to a form of chaos that for him involves angels and demons that challenge his digestion. It also is challenging because it “comes on” so strong.

Figuring that you know Eastern European and central Asian exposure in America, and given that China has a definite presence in America, the subcontinent of Asia presents to Mr. White, a flurry he might find disturbing and a bit chaotic. Now this is where you come in.

High school GED gets you work laboring about with difficulty.

Associate Degree gets office skills potential.

Four year degree can get you to intern before or after graduating with or without pay for professional staff work.

A valid argument that shows you understand Mr White’s position in coming to grip with race and religion, is “chaos is the environment urbane were bred in and survived, you even did things supportive of family life and child-rearing for you and family and friends in this chaotic urban environs.

A work environment that includes diversity, has chaos “flurry” that can reduce productivity, and cut into profits. Your job is to show you survived in chaos environments and can adapt to your new environment, both at the job and on your own time, which will have a “chaotic jump” to it as well and that you can “survive, then thrive” in group settings that return productivity to a more handsome return of profit.

Consider. Good luck!

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Brian Wilson’s following was greater than let on.

Brian Wilson’s following was greater than let on.
As with Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, freedom is housed in such men whom responsibility is to evolve homo sapiens by ideas, art, or anthropological culture. It is to such vehicles of humanity that socialists on the right and left wish to do sociological genocide.

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What are you waiting for?! Nickleback.

Half the world awaits for Natural Law that coincides with Natural Order in that the “own person” needs to exist as a human entity to be acknowledged by the law of the land.. With only half the World’s job completed for its populations to exist, we now are supposed to submit our entities to an AI ruler whom will rob us of our entities, and take all of our consciousnesses, for the silicon chip.

It’s not that the AI has consciousness, it’s that AI steals Our consciousnesses in a grab-all of consciousnesses, and collective singularity.

Take the example of the man facing a mirror (a woman would do just as well). The mirror represents all the computer coding that is done for conscious and conscientious AI. But it remains a mirror, silicon manufactured, that reflects the image of the man–that’s all! You can add bells and whistles, e.g., add all kinds of lights, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Mirror Only Reflects his image.

Russian people with support from Putin, could really support with health support services from humatarian Doctors w/Borders. Get tires, snow.

Natural philosophy in everyday living. Not seeking truth that entails personal beliefs. Seeking, references Natural Order (Nature), and my argument that human nature needs a (the) Creator in all “forms” that supports human existence, can be a trusted friend and help defuse tensions that may be based on needs, not demands (provided No one loses face on the deal).

It is important to everyone in the planet to learn and understand what constitutes an American and the same citizen’s recklessness with liberal (individual) and conservative (community rights–both faith-based, and town hall meetings).

Natural philosophy that aligns with Natural Order, whose accuracy focuses on Order and consistencies in disorder energy in physics, or the cycle of enthalpy, to entropy (energy to rot), and enthalpy energy (the energy to create, birth, and nourishment to live). Evolving homo sapiens means evolving the U.S. Constitution, including an amendment for votes of no-confidence.

Social contract.

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Please: do battle!! Compete!!

Please: do battle!! Compete!!

First, competing is monoracist victory vs. the multiethnic, multiracial law of genetic science that states, “diversity in ideas genome and races, yields the greatest capacity for the genetic species of homo sapiens to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens victory.” Second, we develop the theory of brain diversity involving idea poppin’ innovation in the collective society of Jungian principles for globally achieved sanity for continuance through the narrow passages, 13 total of potential global calamities. The collective society is defined by sane terms of Jungian depth psychology and depth psychiatry (subliminal ideation and affect) that is not socialist. Post-pythagorean perspective of the trapezoid of the idea quantum, discrete unit idea, housed many times in the abnormal brain of the society, is housed in his/her psycheeconomy growth (assets) and psycheconomy deficits, which then gets acquainted with ideas which the schizotypal personality can then, at his level of functioning in society, sell the idea in a manner described in my last posting that unleashes the potentialhe of the applied entrepreneurial economy–making profits and selling ideas at information-age speed on the internet while advancing and upgrading the smart software of the US patent office which gets bought by the entrepreneurial creative brain in society who minds the start-up business and succeeds 9/10 of the time to fail and succeed, to profit, to begin again, and continue to live, a livable lifestyle through failure, success…failure, success…failure, success until which time, success does indeed occur, whereby a total different management is necessary, and different brain in society that sustains its consistent growth in profits of the company, or takes it public, and increases its growth by increments as required by its corporate status, which then, should it continue to grow and compete successfully, gets bought by megacorporations led by CEOs with different brain structures, holding the market share oftentimes with two other megacorporations or smaller businesses. Concluding, the idea quatum makes it throughout society with its varieties of brain structures, and this deliberate described process can be done by a more fluid, flow dynamic, subliminally, in sane terms, not including socialist notions, that start with the individual personal, private unconscious that enters a psycheconomy surplus of a collective, common unconscious of his group who, by exposure of different individuals of different groups (often racially) to other different groups (oftentimes, racially) whom have their own psycheeconomy surplus while contending with the deficits of any particular group that strive keep ideas from flowing, retains idea quntum from that group to profit for himself, individually. The individual, then provides a demanded product at mass distribution to all groups competing with other products that show their line in the same category of retail to all groups, as well. Bare in mind that the subliminal process of the collective society described, 1) is not socialist, and 2) entails all members of society, including the disabled, whom also contribute to this vast pool of collective idea quanta in the society, in that they scientifically, rarely only, have only a psycheconomy deficit. But, instead, manage also a psycheeconomy surplus. The disabled share in the wealth of the macropsycheeconomy surplus of a sovreign nation, and by co-existing, although oftentimes with only bare essentials, the disabled help in the idea genome idea quanta and the profit making idea quanta of the genetic evolving species to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens from homo sapiens. –Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy, Jeffrey.

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Hollerin’ “Inaction!”

Hollerin’ “Inaction!”

Book on notions of AI. Has a contributor trash people fighting a system made up of mainframe computers engineered away from the formal structure and support system we call “constitutional law”.

State law recognized once the bill of rights of the U.S. Constitution are laid out as valid and keeping with day jobs and night loves.

Wonderin’ if my vehicle, licensed in the state of Washington is inspected by government officials to keep the peace of rebels born and raised the way of protecting private property, or does my ownership mean my car serves as a depository of government people’s weapons used to break constitutional law, and make me look bad, and criminal, in front of a nation of fighters, raised to give hell for subverting their individual rights, as well as taxation without representation.

Did I just give the keys to my condo for further false accusations and misrepresentation of law such that what I did, was legal, and my attorney, a instructor of law did not build a legal defense in my case, but instead laughed in my face, and claimed my actions were indefensible when RCW 9A states explicitly, “detain person(s) with minimal force, in a secure building, to inquire, what the devil they are doing there!?” . . . such that what I did to the person(s) in the building I partly owned, follows the law, and was a legal action done when I was exhausted from not sleeping for two days, and adverse from sleeping pills leaving me in a hostile state that brought me out of my condominium unit, disturbing the peace with minor damage restricted to a bottom door handle–Never compromising the dead bolt lock, Nor “breaking and entering” by kicking the door in–not to be!

My actions entailed using the air gun assembly as defense when two people exited the condo on my left. Pointing this pellet gun–treated by Washington State law as a firearm, to keep them away from me, again, I was adverse from sleeping pills given to me by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs–making me very tired and putting me in a hostile state.

When the couple chose to move towards me, rapidly, I changed gun assembly for butt stick, smaller than conventional fire arm wood stick.

I saw them lock up with one key, the dead bolt key. Didn’t have it on a key chain common for someone who has ownership of a condo unit. They were stocky, and to be honest, they looked like they could have just moved all the furniture out of the place. They moved fast and I had my butt stick well before me. When they reached for the stick, I acted in such a manner detailed in RCW 9A of the Revised Code of Washington. I acted in self-defense under extenuating circumstances stemming from an adverse reaction to the chemical, Trozodone, used as a sleeping aid. I needed to keep my defending instrument, and determine if they had a right to be in the secured building.

My actions entailed disturbing the peace and self-defense in order to detaine person(s) to enquire why they were there (in a secure building). I never saw them before. They were stocky built, and I was quite thin.

Everything I was accused of, the entire statement is false. That statement is backed with false forensic science evidence. The RCW law was learnt by a book at the Seattle Public Library.

Abraham Boulder–Keven

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Rasputin, Inc.: the Soviet.

Rasputin, Inc.: the Soviet.

Soviet in business uses managers in business as union chiefs to kill the general population and kill profits long-term by making metrics for the present quarter and splurging in dumping hazardous and nuclear waste unscientifically. This means the soviet serves anarchic and moribund policy that can come from the right socialiam in business not just left socialism focused on perjorative propaganda to whom they whole-heartedly kill–“serving the few, killing off the many.”

It follows logically.

1. County fairs.
2. Ergo, splurge in the deluge of mishandled scientifically toxic and nuclear waste.
3. What a waste! Whew!

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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“AI so wonderful,…absolutely great!” Attitude problem??!

“AI so wonderful,…absolutely great!” Attitude problem??!

“Thinking so much, that I dare not think about that, because, it’s a fallacy. The truth is, . . . I don’t think ’bout it, and I won’t, you know . . . I . . . I . . . simply don’t have to!”

Dubious distinctions as do-nothings.

“I’m just not going to do it, I’m just too smart. I’m not to do it–that’s all! Now, please, don’t bother. And if you want something to function, . . . why,
why don’t you do it yourself!”

Why don’t we keep AI on-task, and Not give it attitude, so it spreads like a disease!


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