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Try this idea!

Try this idea!

Fundamental idea quanta of Cosmology and Thermodynamics

Idea quantum #1:enthalpic energy to evolve
Idea quantum #2:entropic energy to decay, rot
Idea quantum#3: cycle from entropy to enthalpy, and continue recycling
Idea quantum#4:continual universal expansion

What I’m NOT saying is that the Higher Power dictates the above, instead, enthalpic energy moves with idea quanta in such a way as to enhance, encourage evolution. The idea quanta above is the acceptable results.

Idea quantum enthalpic energy involves energy twists and turns conducive to finding evolutionary solutions that usually fail. The one that succeeds carries that idea forward for further idea quantum enthalpy to move physics particles, atoms, chemicals, organs, and human idea quanta using human languages, or creative solutions (“divergent” thinking) for the contemporaneous final solution (idea quantum), which can be a major solution that then becomes, the Natural selection.

–Keven. Abraham Boulder.

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Take a winning book–and clarify a point!

Take a winning book–and clarify a point!

Seligman’s Flourishing does a horrid disservice in not highlighting the efficacious ability of these meds to provide to certain number of populations’ consumers, a level of stability unfound in all the talk administered by psychologies throughout the world.

I have found with the removal of some chains laden on my head, that I can read worthwhile literature, and benefit from not sinking into the sewage, garbage of gehana we call, sometimes, the human mind.

Flourishing claims cosmetic, I, Abraham Boulder, claim higher states of consciousness achieved by not being chained to the rock and guts eaten out, but, instead freed to improved states of adequacy by Transcendental literature of a sort both pragmatic and of Natural Order, Natural Law.


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Do consider the intro.

Do consider the intro.

Flourishing claims cosmetic, I, Abraham Boulder, claim higher states of consciousness achieved by not being chained to the rock and guts eaten out, but, instead freed to improved states of adequacy by Transcendental literature of a sort both pragmatic and of Natural Order, Natural Law.


Thar Abraham’s entrails are eaten on the Boulder to silence the profit (prophet) of 100 million trillion dollars in 500 years of enthalpic-dominated science II, and the epiphany vision of Isaac Newton of the Christ on Earth for 1,000 years!

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Crimes against humanity

Crimes against humanity
Betting loci salient in global consciousness for futures betting. Has all world leadership become stereotypically royalty, to not claim an united outrage, as to the dealings entailing Judaism, Catholicism, Lutherism on unsuspecting Russian Jews, Catholics, and possibly, Protestants, in what may be a body shop of parts. Not your average auto parts dealer, crimes against humanity may occur in this building that was authorized to lease to veterans, providing interim housing between job and disability insurance.

Google Luther’s Table–it’s a good restaurant offering spiritual retreat when it happens. But the building is supposed to be handled by the Seattle Catholic Diocese. There’s a CEO, but I wonder how much she takes orders from elsewhere.

Questions need real investigations, not responses costumed as “answers.”

—-Keven. Renton, Washington.

P.S. This can be heuristics of Gut Feelings, written by the director of Max Planck Institute of Human Development.

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Path to success.


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December 19, 2015 · 6:29 pm

Behold! Behold! Behold!, or whenever.

Behold! Behold! Behold!, or whenever.
Void, negative and positive God. Good, very good, great, bad, avoidance of terribleness.

Bifurcation: God-split “Good” God & terrible God. Worshiping the terrible God as a stronger, viable God.

Needing a clear callin’ for the stregnth of the morning God, minus any State effort to deprive us of His majesty, supplanting it with applied pragmatic Satanism, applied pragmatic warlocks, and applied pragmatic witchcraft at the morning hour of Lord Father God, for some Jesus, as a witness to His creation and morning dew; of the Creator, God of Sanity.

That the associate degree in arts and science makes you efficacious in maintaining freedom from constraints– what anti-liberal thugs do when not stopped: arrest you, seize you (destroy your legal entity status), captivate you physically by enslavement, force you to prostitute yourself, work as slave labor, and decapitate you, to sell your body parts to hospitals.

Boy Scouts, allowed to experience heterosexual preference, and hone it down to their age group, or a little younger.

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts allowed to be boys and girls. But Scout leadership directing the growth of the opposition of the sinister. These sinister, thought to be engaged in sex always, but always focused on entering and completing the apocalypse and Armageddon. What, for some, is a nightly act–becomes, instead, a day-light endeavor to eclipse love–forfeit worthwhile relationships, and cause untold amounts of suffering. And criminal activity for their take on others’ possessions. Day or night.

Tons of poison distributors eliminate in rightly pursuit of a royal, elite show, needing their name and title to spill and destroy our water supply, and our food supply. Us, being the planet. Them, being the last remaining signature, last name, title for which to enter hell, or their version of heaven, victorious–free.

The Soviet, so claiming to keep a social contract, but by that, they mean: arrest you, seize you, and hold you captive in the Big Prison, and to find you, when the need befits them, “in contempt of court,” and send you to Gulag, which may be a system of state prison, different states holding different political prisoners, State denying most of what goes on, except when conducting a form of terrorism in revelations.

Association Good And Great Common Wealth of Almighty God, the living populations, from Eternity to Eternity, El Shaddai. Creator, God of Sanity. 50-100 years, young, resilient–seeking added strength and flexibility from the 1st 50 years inhabitants.

For applied, pragmatic, God-sent, diabolical contention that transcends in literature and psychology, beyond the coarse grain, to a place of redemption of sins, and the nights’ Armageddon; to be constructive, and Ralph Waldo Emerson with Thomas Carlyle spiritual mentoring, leading “angelic” endeavors; better represented as doable, get-done forces of angelic daemons capable of high levels of gross profit; who then, each and everyone, must make the decision to let go (with their own paycheck, in mind), of net proceeds, to the owner, that Adam Smith Did Not go against, and supports a system of economy; that then benefits the currency holder with essentials, “and then some;” benefiting the doers and owners of retail outlets and service organizations, also; in a manner that actually entails “an invisible hand”–a Natural Order in the market of goods and services by reaching a price equilibrium when one of two variables: supply (s) and demand (d) shift by increasing or decreasing. Price increases or decreases, determined once shift occurs in supply or demand at the intersection point of the supply and demand curves on a graph.

Heart a’thumpin, a’stompin, a’dumpin, cheers to the affect, of, “oh shit!,” “oh crap!,” “oh geee!” With rhythmic idioms, to hold onto “dear life!” “Bumpetee-Bump, Hump, hump! Hump, hump!” To the tune of, “it’s been a great life, and Want it to Continue!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!”

Wall is brought down. -????
And the consciousness essential of space and lack of hindrance in this personal consciousness and unconsciousness by the state, county, or municipality or township except by it’s legal agent, themselves, following Law in conducting government business, and “for the public good.”

The ‘diabolical” of Ralph Waldo Emerson whose mentor was Thomas Carlyle=>transcended was “angelic” in the face of an Armargennon eve beginning in 1540 with the Catholic Church and its Satan, Calvinism with its Satan, Lutheranism with its Lucifer, all possibly predestined?!

The first “jew” on Earth, instead of in Heaven, or Hell, or not anything more than a piece of property by the stately kingdom or queendom, was Francis Bacon, who absolutely turned heads with his paradigm shift discussions, stating, in essence (“essence”, the Transcendental word; “stating,” or “saying” the Earthly experience) “There is something here, and perchance, there, too; that is not the Church, and you should have obligation while alive to find out its Nature (resulting in Natural Law to nature, starting with the philosophers, then the Bible, then scientists, and on this day (although seems years that I, Abraham Boulder, oft’ repeated this, in the 21st Century), speak of a “Natural Order, Natural Law.”. That the Divine Creator created order that, through sacred text, were explained to satisfy the tribe’s environs, or not. And handed down as law.

And when it was science’s time, each case described was the spoken word of Man describing a Deity, His creation, and its natural properties through law.

At all times of this utterance, the laws stated were man-made. With time, Natural Law got more “natural” or, accurate in its “exactness.”

Now, it is for the Natural philosopher in Etimology and Metaphysics, to distinguish what remains a matter of spirit phenomenon, and what is of earthly domain, which then extend or get said in universal Natural Law, accurately describing as exactly as possible, the phenomenon of universal physics of subatomic particles, and of large body atomic molecules, separate from Spirit.

This “jew” of Earthly, and consequentially, universal provincial phenomena of physics, is then observed and notated by a Jew (Abraham Boulder) practicing Natural philosophy, deism, and theism, (in that Creator, God of Sanity can be acknowledged, at times of need, for Being a religious higher entity that we acknowledge as the Higher Being, of, and for good; and expressing an affect intelligence of Sanity, reasoned as love, desired love, needed love, and fulfillment of love from a Higher Source, and the attainment of peace. Great invoked, happenstance!

Then to show a universal evolving, involving enthalpic energy from particle subatomic, to atomic physics to an enthalpic evolving of chemistry, to an enthalpic evolving biology, culminating in enthalpic evolving of idea quanta, which are again the spoken word of Man, and his natural law of Nature.

And in universal, evolving language of idea quanta and enthalpy, both being subatomic particles; the spoken word of the Creator, God of Sanity (affect resulting in a sanity effect Not scientific phenomenon), whose language is one of idea quanta and enthalpic subatomic physics particles that exalt evolution, recycling from enthalpy to entropy, back to enthalpy, in an ever expanding universe. His manifesting “talk!” In creation.

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