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I go forward, in disrepair. What works II.

I go forward, in disrepair. What works II.

My soul broken open by God to evoke compassion, I find Totalitarianism stripping me of legal existence for a false State, New Jersey–a pimp, pusher, thug domain, only Andre Greykov could love, with accompanying spiritual rogue Seiks and Hindis, not just mafia Jews under a canopy of tri-state mafiosi.

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What works!

What works!
Consider this, take the first 2 paragraphs as one premise, and imagine:

Spirit exists under correct manners. It’s mischievousness is notorious. Do pray to guide angelic demons away from science, so that they leave you, inside. If they trollop a’bout, don’t fret, bet they may get into things, like a cat.

See that you focus on events important to you. And take a breather, thank God for the blessings you have had, even for a short stay. Hope for more to come. . . and be off!

You know, getting somewhere in the universe requires us to “shed our skin,” then, to evolve particle physics in enthalpic energy, to evolving chemistry, to evolving biology, to evolving idea quantum physics particles centered around our physical form: morphing out of plain-spirit travels, to reach point B in the universe, from your point of departure.

Still venturing in this universe, rather than several multi-verses, let’s get disintegration and morphing processes going, for fun travel from A -> B.

I hypothesize, an idea quanta particle group, involving the individual brain organ, including the cerebellum, which entails physical body communication.

I suppose morphing after disintegration, and planetary travel, starts in the cerebellum to follow the trail, of our physical selves.

Allowing the rest of us to morph into being, once the cerebellums’ signature of physical form has been laid, with the help of genetic sequencing.

Sleep on it, we all could use a few ideas scientifically, et al.

Know that many die young for the fact that enthalpic action is betrayed by nonrecognition.  For sake of the young, whose lives have been sacrificed. Recognize enthalpic action of creation, of birth, of getting the energy together just to live! Recognize the inherent energy to live and evolve!

We have an energy, by thermodynamic law, that’s for the living, the creation, the birth, and everlasting that is beyond the scope of mere physics nonrotting energy.  It exists in enthalpy, Or it’s a third law of thermodynamics, most assuredly.

This the very essence of etimology.

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Take the restful sleep.

Let me fill your box of ideas with those ideas presented here, so that you can “sleep on it,” and facilitate your own ideas outside your own box!


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Davos: the Titanic losers

Seeking to eat themselves into obese aquiesence to Social leaders that don’t use the Greenpeace motorboat getting in front of the Davis Titanic attempt at raming in full fury into the first of 14 icebergs, sufficient for the very first iceberg to send this crowd for, “Death, Death, we want Death of our genetic, diversity-required-by-science species!”.  So goes the Earthship, to Davey Jones locker.

Abraham, –Keven.

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Imagine: an assist when my third eye was inop.

Imagine: an assist when my third eye was inop.

I could not foresee, envisioning chemical structure, even with building materials representing nucleii and electrons–so it was, in college.

So, with help from psyche (not parapsychic) economy surplus intellect at the library, with quite an collective subconscious affect, for a moment, on the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of chemical reactions: imagine an app that keyboarded two or more agents and reagents reacting and displaying, at speeds determined by the user–lightening fast or incredibly slow–the complete chemical reactions of these chemicals, and the transformational chemical structure, that enables new chemical properties from this new structure, different from the agents and reagents themselves, in full color, displaying electron behavior, bonding, and possibly, a figurative “mention” to attraction and repulsion. (Some “give and take,” to be sure.)

Worthy of 3-dimensional representation. What if, you then had, on display, a single dimension to this physics matter, with theoretical behaviors indicative of that dimension; adding dimensions and behaviors to a 10-dimensional representation of matter and its behaviors involving entropy and enthalpy, and the idea quantum, “to evolve,” or “goody! Goody! Goody! rot! rot! rot! rot,rot,rot,rot . . . .

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It is a wonder, that we Don’t rot!

It is a wonder, that we Don’t rot!

Look at the scientific facts. Organs, except the heart, replace dead cells with “creation”–new cells are “borne,” and life of cells last a good 2-3 months. In every body.

Creation energy and constructive living motion in the body is enthalpic. Cancer cells or intruder pathogens move on entropic energy.

To see only entropy, is to only see the cascading waste stream; and the effects, and affects, of nourishing food including love (and freshwater), is completely disregarded! from their enthalpic impetus: to survive, then thrive! To live, and cling to life!

So be it! Yes! Enthalpy!, not just entropy. Living constant creation, borne on enthalpic motion with the idea quantum of, “I must live!,” is Not to be ignored, and is to be Followed!!

Sincere regards,
Abraham Boulder. —-Keven.

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Here you have it!!

Here you have it!!

Using the fool. (–Keven)

Or, why not to listen to the one making sense.

Speculation, clearly, recommended.

$500 billion take for king sh-t


$1 million net profit for general public each


100 million trillion for 500 years of enthalpic-dominated science (bio-engineer neutralizing growth that contains toxins and cleans contaminated liquids; bio-engineer bio-diversity including by DNA-on-dry-ice collected Now! Bio-engineer homo sapiens to increase immunity responses to replace anti-biotic void.).

General public take 2-5 $million in 40 years.

Also, hydrogen technology-engined vehicles needing hydrogen refueling stations.

Salt-molten nuclear reactors that don’t have meltdown radioactive isotopes.

Liberal economics and democracy retained, and U.S. Constitution amended to evolve Natural Law with Social Contract that declares law “homo sapiens-to-the-nth exist; machine, computer can control, but does not exist legally; and accounting for “the Nature of Man, now woman, now child, now pet” sufficiently, to protect the nuclear family of singles, single-parents, and two parent/child(ren) families with laws with teeth, and promoting equal application of law on said families.

Speculation-laden synchronicity fouls liberal economics from the risks of normal investing in the financial markets, to a betting world bereft with amoral futures predicting, of the most debauched hopes-for profits, giving economic incentive to the most diabolical, debased behavior under the banner of Harvard Business Review of the personality of the lone striver secure winnings via psychopathy, Machiavellian, and Narcissistic means.

Transcendental literature defined as enduring in language begins with Ralph Waldo Emerson and angelic-diabolic fire pole that feeds lust, and contemplation of advanced systems engineered from the minds of divergent brains (“Creative Brain,” Harvard Medical School, Harvard Publi.) to have practical import of at least three 8-hr time zones, for accomplishing work-play-sleep, and the Earth’s time zones of internet’s application to business time management on a 24-hr schedule, tripling productivity, while searching for practical solutions and custom requirements (learnt from sources such as “the great courses,” and universal-free university courses).

Tyranny-threat warning using mainframe computers controlling behavior abusively, usurping power of the governed, needing the bringing down of the wall of government not suited for population’s democracy and republican heritage–the social science law of the United States of America that requires upholding democratic political science, and liberal economics social science like Germany and Britain, even when social programs are administered, to avoid debt programs like Brazil’s, Argentina’s and Cuba’s.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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Rumors of a heuristic sort!

Rumors of a heuristic sort!
When family, and close family bets against you in futures betting–you know you’ve been that good!

Rumor by heuristics method claims by bitter childhood-friend remains are upstairs.

Another rumor by heuristics is that three anti-semitites torture a Jew kid. I hate when Jews go against people who keep the faith and believe in God. But torture is unacceptable and egregious against any person, especially children. And these anti-semites joined the bad, namely terrible against the good. Against those that had a notion of Almighty God like found in the Idaho constitution; this trio acting as Satanists.

But the leader of this trio is rumored by heuristics to cut another boy’s bottom for a more ample fit, and shot in the arm, leaving his dead mother for this boy to die with. Rumor of heuristics state that the boy is there still, mother’s gone, and the bullet is still in his arm. They come, rape and feed him. Same trio leader does so, with this boy. Same anti-semitism.

Abraham Boulder —-Keven.

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Supreme being. Truly, a premise.

Supreme being. Truly, a premise.
The UW is filled with brain-damaged students whom commit global genocide for State graded “A” and University degrees, using neurochemicals that leave a neurostructure structure for Andre Greykov and Asian black market.

They are trained to state statements as Statecraft like witchcraft (sorcery or Satanism) to be the evolved State organisms, and share in the glory of being supreme rulers of the universe.

All to alter the Higher Self that Jung describes for Sanity. They do it for profound social disturbances, and genocide–anti-social disorder on the Grand Social level.

Abraham Boulder —-Keven.                         It is the Creator God, God of Abraham that is the Universal ceiling of Sanity; and Human Destiny puller, like a tractor pull–two phenomenon.

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Let it be known, let it be understood. The Great Tragedy and Strategy

Let it be known, let it be understood. The Great Tragedy and Strategy
We must look to all liberal arts colleges as deacons of deceit.

That the philosopher, tied to classical ideas works his mischievous and treacherous ways to expound as a wise man, and therefore, a holy man.

But what they speak are the lies and fiction of the English department. The slander and betrayal of humankind and decency, both departments do such a crime.

It is in ontological studies that we find metaphysics discussing what is, and what is not. It encaptures the debate that Descarte and the Cartesians surmised, and Carl Jung co-authored with physicist, Wolfgang Pauli on nature and the psyche, and corresponded for 25 years with one another, referencing quantum mechanics, such that what you develop as knowledge of the 21st Century effects uncertainty in the physics particles of our brain, our psyche (connected with our mind), and our body.

And what is taught as ontology, for the love of mankind, and the love of Almighty God, must be anchored and integrated with the sciences, social sciences and accompanying mathematics.

That reality is science, spirit, and mindful enquiry worthy of, possibly, 10 dimensions, spiritual dimension, and perhaps more multiverses, must be anchored to what is actual in philosophy so that we do not lose our Earthly voyage, orbiting the Sun.

Abraham Boulder. —-Keven.

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