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Are we considering the answer?

Maybe religion can be reinterpreted for generation-to-generation destiny of homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens, and homo sapiens sapiens sapiens sapiens.

And IQ shares space with EQ, AQ, affective intelligence with SQ, spiritual intelligence (values and meaning); and WQ, wisdom intelligence which: (1) is not a “sleeper,” (2) grabs you by the collar (when someone is coming up with wisdom intelligent
language) and shakes you “in your timbers” alerting you to the fact that this intelligence is not the wisdom of Solomon, or that of King David’s.

What it is and what it does is stop IQ thinking for a moment to consider an alternative possibility, answering the question of  how to have a paradigm shift in thinking (or mentality) that solves a problem from the previous paradigm that could not be solved while the problem was imprisoned in the mentality of the previous paradigm.

It takes us out of Sir Ken Robinson’s “Out of Your Mind” to squarely rest on the shoulders of those who have learned not to laugh at what, at first, seems absurd, rejected by most, but then when considered seriously looks more and more self-evident to solve the problem.

Abraham Boulder

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Mishandled -sky

Reading the ” universe of different ideas.”

Stopped by anal entities whom wish to be secretly employed for outrageous civil injustices.

Utilizing radiation from a wand thought to have melted a young teenager’s face permanently.

How much “Arab TV” must we suffer. How much of their hands are upon the American people.

Jew in concert with Arab. Jew operators, Arab network television.

Originally, “Russian ballet” pretending to be Arab culture. Entailing Western degeneracy, perversion, nihilism, anti-Christ Nietzchian with dis-sultry Kafkanian flare.

A montage of imbecile topsy-turvey demonic philosophy catered as educational. The values of pure crap quality being both witty and “fresh.”

Invigorating, perhaps, but missing intellectual innervating that leads an uproar of enthusiasm for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

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Totalitarian State

Such a State entails world “whole” consciousness.

Communist fascist party uses psychoses as the back of the head, hidden brain subconscious as consciousness “of the whole” world consciousness.

They consciously receive unconscious material or data in affect intelligence cloaked by Western private, personal unconscious and common unconscious.

Western mental health does not receive the impetus of full psychoses subliminal training.

They do better, not to.

But the data can be collected by an intiutive that takes Professor Kahneman’s caveats seriously.

Remember, at the beginning of the book the conditional clause is highlighted saying that the professor handles intuitive cases deftly that do not work intuitively. This does not imply that intuitive information cannot ever be valid and consequently, of value.

Using an intuitive in “twilight consiousness” can be rewarding.

(I am an intuitive.)

Abraham Boulder

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Prophet, profit, applied depth psychologist, Christian, philosopher.

Does this hold as prophesy?

Beyond Post-Modern science not religion (not scientism).

Religion not science except behavioral science.

Supermarket prophesy (compare & critique) vs. 1600 reformation apocalypse and Armageddon.

Carl Jung post-apocalypse after WWII.

Abraham Boulder post-end-of-days for less than 6 mos., 1 year, 2030, 2050, 2100, 2220, 2270. Plenty to keep us busy to stay out of trouble, stay out of mischief.

Carl Jung: Jesus believed in in non-science. Science just is. (Not a belief system.) 1,000 years of religious peace with science in beyond post-modern era. Private prayer acceptable in beyond post-modern times. The peace Christians can gain for themselves.

Wars scaled down to avoid nuclear bombardments including electronic knock-outs because of (1) Chernobyl, (2) Fukyushima, (3) three possible explosions in Central Asia, (4) four possible explosions in North Korea, (5) two possible explosions in South Korea. Fusion power mishaps.

Conclusion: we are decimating world population in northern hemisphere.

War does not need nuclear detonation. Loser’s war if nuclear arsenal engaged.

Reevaluate jew in 1,000 year peace between Jesus and science.

Jew is science and the only one God, Creator, God of beginnings. Chanq energy. Generation-to-generation human matter for chanq destiny.

Ancient Greek fate is toga party fatalistic. Impossible. Useless. Not worthy the time, effort. Too much scholarship and rearing for sound judgement. A hopeless intelligence.

WQ, wisdom intelligence grabs you by the collar and “shakes your timbers.” Says, “this wisdom doesn’t put you to sleep: agape.”

Let us keep up with literal deadlines.

Let us respond correctly for coinvid19.

Then correctly on this exoplanet so it’s universal laws do not make it a Mars or Venus.

Abraham Boulder

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Totalitarianism in my ears

Do you hear? Not the Hall of Justice, but tbe Hall of Infamy.

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Risk assessment

M(c.) and Wig-Wam and PCB literally the living dead.

But what am I missing?

Like the Eveready(c.) battery, they keep on going.

So what after 4 years are they influencing me? What is their power (to influence)?

Let’s take a look.

They are morphing from human to electronic mechanical prosthetics,

to human prosthetics and electromechanical domination.

Approval of this informed procedure exists I think with the czar of information.

And any hope of doing the essential necessities for less than 6 months, 1 year, 2030, 2050, 2100, and 2220. Requires immediate priorization instead of a carnival atmosphere of campaigning for the next presidential term.

Abraham Boulder.

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Ekhart Tolle inspired by book “Now.”

To observe all thought, the observer unites with entanglement in the quantum field.

This feeling of oneness, the Only One , encounters sets of data points from idea quanta.

An idea quanta is the strumming of the harp of a complete idea as a set  of data points per strum of the “harp strings” of strings in string theory.

If the data set points then become universal in entanglement, and leads to development good or bad, defined by evolution, then the definition applies that this is a form of intelligence of the unified field of entanglement.

Going before thought manifesting in strumming the harp and subparticles of string entangled in universal unity is therefore an intelligence and energy source (complete affect intelligence) that develops matter for good or bad development according to evolution.

Abraham Boulder.

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This is the beginning

If universe has consciousness permeatting like entanglement, the essence of existence would be conscious identification. Do we supercede the universal essence which would be dismissing true north nature of our cosmic correct direction found in honest meditation and prayer.

OR, venturing out into our galaxy. Getting there by human species development through conquering fire once again (via fusion or sun energy) and developing a core sustainable economy utilizing demand of life enhancement products instead of living for death-focused extinction fate. Human command and AI tool only.

All resulting in homo sapiens brain development to homo sapiens sapiens and brain and corresponding heart development to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens. Destined for many more generations of human species to come.

God help those who need a helping hand and others who have an overabundance of goods and moral depravity rotting their souls thinking that a valueless society is modern when it is Anti-christ Nietzchian and the product of debauchery.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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Deeds done.

Now we’ve done it. Now let’s get going Let’s get started, preparing for a financial windfall. G40. Private initiative. Marshall Plan II, $25 trillion in the energy field. “Sustainable Excellence¬©” read it!

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Make it a good prayer

Love always that never ends

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