Genetic Irony

I think it ironic (and feel this way as well) that the pseudo genetic strife for superiority (willing to war and cause climatic annihilation), is in fact inferior (although professed to be superior) to the actual genetic (same) species strivings for survival.

There are two paths to behavior on the number line. The path of positive numbers is to positive infinity, and the path of negative numbers is to negative infinity.

We need to bring those on the path of negative infinity to the superior position of waring for Earth 1st, Me 2nd with civil efforts on their part.

A Marshall Plan to construct globally Fusion Power Plants is global infrastructure solid investment. It won’t affect adversely the trust in Earth 1st, Me 2nd bonds, and they don’t have to effect Moody’s quality rating for actually saving the species on Earth, which is all “genetic” global enterprise!

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