Destiny of Social Order.

Destiny of Social Order.
Destiny of Social Order dependent on the mutually inclusive freedom with responsibility. Not to eliminate the yard’s breath of ownership when present socially, but to formulate a healthy rockery of personal ownership, and collaborate on Earth hours of Earth 1st, Me 2nd to lengthen the stay of homo sapiens for 500 more years of enthalpic dominated science, developing under the care of inquisitive, creative, and innovative natural law minds that put it to task in the laws that constitute our republic, keep the power base of legitimacy in the democracy and desseminate to society’s laws that fit in the framework of natural order of a Creator known to be the God of Sanity (with the addition of an inner universe of mind bonded to spirit and heartful pursuits that make room for the enthalpic energies of living, in face of rotting energies that expanded our science and economies, and has led us to repeat the effort–this time living and relearning to live, with enthalpic verve).

Liberal societies’ social and hard sciences entail liberal ideas and laws that help buttressing republics from the deleterious effect of a slam-down- to-the ground applied physics.

Further, the placement of liberal ideation in the hands of the world populations of the liberal societies fortifies the societies and its neighborhoods. And hard sciences are freed to move in applied physics that behaves under universal laws of solar winds, space dust, and astral winds.

This being necessary for Earth measurements to be accurate and calibrated to the trillionth unit, and be found at standard deviations away from the calibrated measurements by totalitarian sovereign states acceptable for the tallest of skyscrapers and the safety of the best aeronautically engineered aircraft.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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