Shall we venture into the necessary observation!

Shall we venture into the necessary observation!

Gehanna: Hindi-Seik-Rasputin-Jew-Arab-now England-now Germany-now Sweden hate fest of poisons to freshwater supplies. To include Rasputin-China-Others combo in Seattle, doing things, that include: incinerating odd objects in Georgetown to exercise limits of State inspection, to determine potential terrorist dirty bomb outlets, for the unlawful ambitious.

One could say this could happen anywhere. But does everywhere have a university of the State on a 8.0 earthquake faultline (think of the collective pressures!, i.e., GroupThink!), and of course, the tri-state (possibly Alaska, also), megathon, 9.0 earthquake for Armaggedon-Mega-Death rock music fanatics. (Note: Mega-death rock group was ultimately satirical of the folly of mankind, now womankind, too. It did not promote these actions except in the minds of those it satired. It always was extreme, and was meant as lyrics of action that should NOT be done!)

—-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

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