Struggle has been on a Apocalyptic level–Now beckon to the other bell–the Liberty Bell ringing heartfully on the Town Hall. End ongoing global genocide–anywhere on Earth. Bring alleged criminals on charges of crimes against humanity to justice–and fair judicial decisions!

Struggle has been on a Apocalyptic level–Now beckon to the other bell–the Liberty Bell ringing heartfully on the Town Hall.

“the principle that people everywhere would see that rights and Liberty form the foundation of Human life and that no person should ever willingly relinquish them without a fierce struggle!”

–Jack Fruchtman Jr. On “Age of Reason”

[Keven’s emphasis] to that I may add:

Legal entity status to 7 billion+ homo sapiens sapiens sapiens!

Equality in principle in society and enacted by law, considered anthropologically as a source of idea genome, beckoning us to homo sapiens sapiens sapiens by providing us the cognitive culture to grapple with scientific discoveries, then engineer the applied technology that becomes anthropological culture for homo sapiens sapiens sapiens’ physical evidence of evolution!

Serving to unite humanity, first by personal, private unconscious; then a psyche commons of the collective unconscious (part of world consciousness relieved by a cognitive statement of “the unconscious” for a moment–may it be long–of relief) that serves as enzymes to stimulate enthalpic energy or creative, nourishing energy by psyche innervation, and nourishing affect (including loving opportunities), that pulls us forward, with the same evolving energy as the tractor-pull of human spirit of destiny with sanity, thus love; of energy waves that push Earth in rotation on its polar axis generating the New Day of striving against decay forces and directed global genocide, and climbing uphill with the knowledge that it has and can be, the same as”a different kind of health,” that irregardless of our state of health, we can strive and win against Decay, and Death, we can live this Hour, this Day, and Promising Tomorrow, and each, die in peace at their Natural end!

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