Hoax in English, social, and “hard” sciences.

Prophet prayer for profit: $500 million trillion in 500 years.
Abraham Boulder.

[New material below: very important.]

Prophet of Israel in Western world consciousness sanity in Jung, Intuitive Function, “Psychological Types,” Princeton Press.

Sacred Spirit in the Universe, Holy Spirit on Earth for Christianity in Jesus Christ’s name, Lord, Savior, God at odds with Satan; in Judaism (spirit of God in the Universe, Satan in Man, God in the Universe, as in on Earth; our Rock, our Redeemer, Father of Abraham and Sarah, and the People Israel, the Almighty God, the Only One God of the Abrahamic tradition of monotheism).

“Hear my prayer, O’Lord: I, on Earth, enter into prayer in the Universe of aerie particle physics, where on a spiritual plane, is your House of the Lord, and on Earth, lies the sacred rubble of the Temple, its Sacred of Sacred cube-it room for Your spiritual presence unto us, your faithful. Know Meliorism, Lord Know it’s our belief that it is the correct pass of the “Sirens of betrayal” represented by 14 icebergs of planetary cataclysms, so that we reach the promised land, now of Our Fathers, and Our Mothers, of living diversity on Earth according to scientific law of biogenetics, to usher in 500 years of bio-engineering and bio-diversity and environmental concerns remediated “before-the-fact” with Intel similar to that of World Security, absent in many ways on this date, on Earth.”

Meliorism=the belief that the world tends to get better and that humankind can, and under certain circumstances, does work in favor of planetary existence and continuance. Ontologically, correct behavior.

“May the double epiphany of Isaac Newton, reach the Creator, God of Sanity, and send us a united Meseach (Messiah), serving Christianity for 1,000 years Newton’s apocalyptic vision of a “new rock of Israel,” and serving Christianity and Judaism by supporting bio-diversity science of all species and livelihoods for 500 years of Science Part II.”

Abraham Boulder. —-Keven.

Inter-diciplinary Soviet degree has assets of grounding handicapped intellectually, and increasing emotional intelligence, with wisdom literature (e.g., “Happiness Hypothesis” and anthropological “decoy” book given great critical acclaim on the back cover). What’s needed is American Doctrine integration so that emotional and intelligence wisdom prospers, based on Gassendi’s, “reason is an aspect of spirit,” and commands can be understood like a baseball coach (to run the bases, or hold up).

Soviet also has “cancer doctrine,” such as English department S.S. man, faking social science in a pseudo social science euphoria and scam. Data not valid, hypothesis, not valid, a reeducation program built on misconceptions and unproven theory, English degreed instructors teaching social science (reporting findings->okay, but theory better explained by social science majored instructors). Going into engineering and “hard” sciences–dismissing hard evidence as “immaterial.”. Making the Lufthansa, historically, appear as incompetent fools.


FDR directed social programs for a robust democracy, and liberal economy; Not socialism (fascist or communist)!

Abraham Boulder.

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