Take a look–and pray I (–Keven) let be.

Take a look–and pray I (–Keven) let be.

Let’s take a look at a Hayek mean to a floating polar extreme of both major political parties

Egalitarianism and social programs for a thriving democracy and republic. Equality breeds diversity–the hate and difference, is the love of individual space, harboring idiosyncracies, in a personal fortitude of personality, limited from the high stress, of productivity; incumbent upon each and everyone of us to take hold of the upper arm of a willing acquaintance, to seize the moment, to learn how to defuse the “solo social bomb”–each and every one of us inhabit–to enquire as to what makes a man tick, where their buttons are, and what makes them “purr like a kitten.”

To gain favor in acknowledging similarities and showing tolerance for being born from a different vantage point, and going about “solving a problem,” from a different angle from the problem center; thus, capable of another view that aids in all the angles, all the dimensions to a problem; and capable of different divergent answers, for a corresponding final solution.

It is the way of social genius, that begs usage; instead of convergent needlenosing and sucking-it-in to satisfy a solo idea, that, perhaps, will get discarded, for another needlenose solo idea, as an answer.

Abraham Boulder. —-Keven.

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