Transcendentalist Literature of a realist.

Transcendentalist Literature of a realist.
Species transcendentalists, not utopias, where we rise to conscience to do things that give us the capacity to live with our terribleness invested in our bones of every race, and ascend with our loins, and in our very fiber to genetic apex suitable for survival, and enthalpic living in the heart of each of us, pulling for our species, homo sapiens sapiens sapiens, in true North, true South, true East, true West, sailing the narrow passages of the the Great Icebergs, mightier than any sane man, woman, or child would want to slam into, guided by the love and foresight of the Valley of the Dead, “the Netherlands” whose wisdom and nobleness teaches us, “it is not such a great thing to die senselessly,” and getting our group’s behavioral science of our species’ genome to sail by each honored iceberg, averting universal planetary cataclysm one by one to the promised land of sustainable parts of Earth, and the billion year adventure, and investment of venture capitalists of mining companies, and societal camp operations that are the lifeblood of intergalactic planetary travel to return the Temple of the Hebrews Sacred Room of sacred places lies in spirit to remind us of the Creator, God of Sanity he provides peace and the singularity of affect intelligence reasoned for feelings and language intelligence by Gassendi’s assertion, “that reason is an aspect of spirit,” and serves the common good wealth of all homo sapiens sapiens sapiens whose battle for legal entity status is won, and equal to all of the species, achieved.

And the Mountain of the Center of the Universe in the Himalayas that has polar stability of duality, but has the caveat of the Creator, God of Sanity, to be on the good, sunny side of disposition, and sociobioethically correctness throughout the universe, including Earth.

And the promise of the coming of Jesus invited to stay during our evolution so Christian God, and it’s interpretation in other faiths follows Hegel’s philosophy of an evolving God, who too, experiences the understanding of our species’ spirit, and so He learns more about Himself in the ongoing cycling of enthalpy to entropy to enthalpy, ad infinitum, or beyond to multiverses.

May this “God of Sanity” of an universal ceiling, come forward in our day so that the Hebrew bloods will be satisfied to live with “Chai” in evolved species form of lifestyle, that the Hebrew bloods join the rest of the species to find the Almighty God of good wealth, and shy away from coarse and debauchery that stains our tribes, and lead to the ancient Greek fate of Masada, our iceberg.  Modern day Jonestownian with Reverend Jones!

Abraham Boulder “—-Keven”.

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