What’s got your back??!!

What’s got your back??!!

In the discussions of affect, such that it is handled for “the teasing of stray hairs out from various knottings of collections of hairs, placed–the hair in a smooth collection of free flowing strands of hair, brushed firmly . . . ” -Abraham Boulder.

May 2016. Seattle, WA.

It is this affect precisely that scares, no, horrifies the philosopher of “effects” with limited arsenal of fitting affect, such that the philosopher of “effect” beholden to his line of reasoning to classical argument and classical affect, straitjackets himself in all hard sciences and social sciences to what amounts to a description of scientific phenomenon, that when the phenomenon presented as original, even revolutionary, discovery; is penned down to the emotional breadth of an emotionally-ill schizophrenic, to discuss and describe matters of incorporeality belonging to the pioneering 21st Century (thus, affect intelligence, affect wisdom-intelligence; in the irrational of behavioral economics; and the spirit of Gassendi’s reasoning [of language, hence intelligence and wisdom-intelligence] and phenomenon-based belief systems not considered science, but of biogenetic relevance of historical deliverance of varying destinies, pursuing their directions pointing true north, true south, true east or true west in a form of homo sapiens singularity–the Human specimen–frustrated by a complete lacking of communication in effect to describe this 21st Century phenomenon, and aware of his plight, works the occult for manners of obtaining university degrees as the alternative choice at University to a full lack of comprehension of affect effectively, comprehension of irrationalities effectively, and reasoning capabilities true to Natural phenomenon for the last, evolved 200,00 years–Not deemed essential–basing reasoning on political science initiatives not thinking human species’ phenomenon relevant, other than in B.F. Skinner behavioral science rat mazes of human-forced fates toward historical endpoints.

Thus this doctoral degree candidate or practitioner comes across societal members that he feels need to be Freudian mass manipulated (Or, Jungian are guilty of such enterprise, too) to effectively be accepted, degreed doctoral candidates or professionals.

This occult pursuit for degrees begin with their professional prominence, as degreed members of the community (or before), continues within Aristotle, classical argument; namely, stature of reasoning limiting affect to narrow definitions of effect–preeminence, lacking thereof, in many instances the Q.E.D of logical sequencing–they proceed to approach the artistic person with a warm smile, And this person, employing “part of one hemisphere for creativity,” now considered, Both parts of the hemispheres, and developing creatively on various forms of media, is wrangled [in a sense] down, tied up in knots [also delivered, in full visual expression], and by societal means, rendered emotionally ill by monotone deliverence of diagnosis.

Thus, frustrated, may lead to gross anxieties, gross depressions, over time–or tongue-tied, left with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, by the same association and stature of philosophy degree or Aristotle-reasoning stature that lacks any Post-Pythagorean effort on affect learning, comprehension, and healthy integration from the likes of a Professor Goleman or for that matter, a Helen Keller who may at times venture out (or in) to enjoy a work of art or music, and, perhaps expressing a favorable comment for each artistic effort.

What remains in this expose is to conclude that we revolutionize thinking that amounts to understanding effect from affect, not limited to the definition of affect, but into the bounds and definition of effect that lead to destinies pertinent to Man, now Woman; not Rev. Jones affect, and not Jonestown effect (as an editorial consequence of “affect” employed), but deadly results that philosophical reasoning has contributed to, and emotionally lacked, the repetoire to exact (read: “effect”) promising futures profiteering beholden to many human species’ destinies! and reoccurrence of major net profits gained for value [read: “sustainable pursuits”] actualized.

Further, a value index such that,

-1<y<=0=C<=x<=+1, multiplied in context to human effort, would recognize negative, destructive business habits.

Such an index would go a long way to recognize destructive profits in business and provide a measurement of how close to the warning track of a nuclear winter we are achieving to prescribe to relative moralism and Decrease atrocious destructive behavior that has taken us thus far, and engage in constructive elemental actions quantified on the value index as  0 <= x <=+1, for canceling negative valued, destructive elemental activity, y, such that, -1< y<C=0<x<=+1, or replace negative, destructive action, y, with positive, constructive action, x, entirely.

Abraham Boulder.

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