Which humor do you proscribe to? Personal accounting necessary.

Comic relief, or destressing during stressor engagement vs. Comic Dada of black bile humor housed in opoid abuse and the scourge of Human-body and brain-waste.

Humor of hilarity=abuse of opoids, a scourge, leaving wasted body, wasted brain, meaning death to those they harm fatally, typically with their brand of humor. Actually black bile humor of Dada.

Imbecility=claim to be Marx Bros.–but with all seriousness, a combo., Marxist-Fascist offense to ease the Targets, relax them, and leave them smiling, with full confidence: all is normal.

With emotonal intelligence applied, comforting, and assuring successful forward movement of White Collar Military Offense engineered to stop normal senses for knowing when there is danger, and stop the well-known “little voice” beside your ear (subconscious thought inside your head for figuring events in the surrounding area).

In other words the imbecility is profound, generation-to-generation, dedicated to stupor, instead of rigor! Hegelian philosophy using imbecility within comic Dada for Totalitarian language defeating effect on conscious usage in the personal unconscious for constituents needing “a head’s up”, or if further offensive advancement, keeping their sense of “which way is up, which way is down”, and what they need to do: immediately, and naturally by using non-naive tactics of Human nature–to assess the relationship you have with your partner, and quite frankly, your partner is undermining your future–besides any salary he or she makes.

Good luck.

A continuing of discussion follows:

What has to be understood is that black humor disguised as white opoids, has been done before; and correct rebuking of deliberate imbecilic humor is needed in the collective subconscious by intuitive personalities that understand enough human complexity, and are usually “too busy”.

Correct response is strong rebuke of totalitarian advances to disturb our day-to-day activities, by intuitive personalities considering this event “as important”, “as of concern”; and to use human nature of daily interludes to stop the advancement of hostilities in the “free space” of philosophy that permits liberal freedom and natural human nature needed by Americans to conduct private enterprise, profit, and run our private lives!

Seek to respond to human tyranny with human nature of spouse or lover.  Don’t accept reassurances.  Alert trusting allies to discrepancy behaviors favoring “Anarchy Evolution,” as the book is entitled or the excuse used for Totalitarianism, ” to fill the void of indifference.”

Remaining idle while communist/fascist activism moves forward, first insidious at a slow, disabled  pace, preparing perhaps for White Collar blitzkrieg events to occur for end-game losses (which means, really that “they are in play” overtly), for disabling of Democracy and Liberal Economics–forced leadership with no future voting rights–and the nationalization of private assets, and transforming of the financial markets into governmental pejorative, propaganda schemes.

Interact and seek to discover any betrayal to the safety of you, your children, the community, the Nation, for governmental job ambition.

Supermarket-Issac Newton for religious prophecies advantageous for a thousand more years on Earth.

Isaac Newton had two brilliant epiphanies, the first one he set aside, until cajoled by Haley to write the definitive work on physics of that time. The other was Apocalyptic vision involving Jesus on Earth for a thousand years.

Jung, a reasonable “Jesus” in his own right, producing Sanity material developed over the course of many decades, of Europe that saw “The Fall” and a world, “The Plague”, believes in his heart as main Christian faith, an Apocalypse with Jesus’ Incantation on Earth, also for a thousand years.

It is their consideration that Anti-Jesus of the Incantation (not day-to-day antichrist) will appear, maybe, After the thousand year reign of the Christian Messianic Age to challenge all of Christianity and all Eternal souls with the Final End of Christianity and dispersal of Spirit and dispersal of Heaven and Hell to infinite void.

Abraham Boulder.

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