Why don’t you see “where the twain shall meet!

Quantum physics contrapuntal dance with mysticism, or synchronicity between universal particle physics and limited universal nano physics, both partnered in synchronicity, activity with metaphysical “crosswinds.” Turns on the charm on how you study scientific behavior. Spiritual occult mainly using anal signal send the quantum physics jumping merry but quite dark conclusion that may be less moralizing and the, “we’ve got the stuff!” of 80 percent of universal, quantum physics.

Sort of in a way, Hobbes saying we’re all bad, but we can all still get things done–that it is the nature of the human species to have a dark side in universal time, but what you do with the Dark, and how you treat it (do you worship the Dark or do you start from just 80 percent of what we really are in the universe–that a light inside your heart (maybe two: one Earth spirit light, one Universal spirit light of the sacred light of Christians) truly Luther’s life on earth, that he so encompass Dark mysticism that can now, with light, see it’s scientific, creative focuses what is, that is constructive, for charity in science to humankind, instead of snowballed into tar mollases–sticky and stuck in place, and going no where and not leading science forward.

Forward, evolving science, is mandatory while spiritual dimension can give a whirl to balance important work (often seen together).  This opportunes healthy relationships, that include procreation experiences.


Abraham Boulder.


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