Carnage to a microcosm of World Society and Western Civilization.

Biblical Tanach has a spirituality of sorts, among sorts of deathly seriousness.

Your senses may believe some possible palm size high radioactive source  is being distributed in a screened lead rotation.

The question remains is some spiritual zealot having you doze off in the security of your own home?

Or, is some wacko in the neighborhood distributing lethal radioactive doses to the immediate vicinity, and Security agencies need “a heads up” for small neutron bomb devices or someone may be giving rotating discrete units of radiation from palm size hi-level radiation sources in their, that they toss about the neighborhood –say onto the apartment upstairs balcony above me, for example.

Can PhD’s from the UW, project “homely hobby time” envisioning parapsychic trick while really wearing very scientific anti-radiation suits and dutifully sending dose after dose of evenly distributed units that self-evidently physically disable you, possibly–kill you.

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