Death by my door

A president who does not reign in the power of government to be constituted of the Natural Law document, U.S. Constitution by permitting fill-up  of global conscious desires to destroy that document.

I have served in Lockean terms, our constituted society during War & Strife, and my end seems apparent, not by my hand, but dissolution of acid on my own person.

That royal cipher, radioactive in content, jammed into my gut near my heart–done with Satanic nature, not known for it’s “Look Ma! No hands” approach.  Arms us in Royal Jamaican Jai’lai’

Who would dare not be seduced by Capt. Kirk of the U. S.S. Enterprise of Star Fleet Command, to calculate the time, day, and manner of murdering human targets on the command deck and in the command seat of such a noble ship, fantasized in gentlemen’s clubs around the world.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy.

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