Brain use of America.

Brain use of America.  Complementing scientific knowledge for a favorable output of scientific information in quantum physics.

Mind is Soviet empire.—Brain command must, for natural order to be retained of phenomenon of Sacred Spirit, known as “Father, who is in Heaven,” also known as “Redeemer of Earth” to be identified as God of sanity whom retains the Highest Authority of Natural Order property of sanity, His higher power known in Alcohol Anonymous with initial caps, serves Mankind, humankind to keep us in the singularity of what is reasonable and, therefore, what is applied wise in action, always parralleling applied science and applied technology, but having a clear distinction of “up” so the needle points “true north,” but may include true south, true east, and true west as legitimate physical placements directionally in the universe. Prayed to as Most Excellent King of the universe, the Creator of creation myth, having created the human species of homo sapiens to continually evolve in sapiens, parralleling creation of living forms other than human species evolving for their invisible hand of evolving physics, evolving chemistry, evolving biology, and evolving theology that is the Mainstay of the human species. Behold, the God of sanity, King of the universe is upon us. Go with sanity and loving assured and business as usual, keep the faith and Sanity:thus Love of Sacred Spiritual retreat, so replenishing the soul is possible, and retained, and the future of mankind is assured.

Abraham Boulder, “Keven”

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