The life of an animated idea.

An opium den of middling vapors. Above heaven, below hell, both extreme, both have no peace, spirits of the Universe find peace in middling of shades of grey, or shades of color hues–where imagination impregnates, ideas are conceived, complete concepts given birth, and brought to maturation, tested for relevance and resilience in everyday and historical challenges, then put to rest or reborn in urgency, to put to the task anew–this is the spirited realm (esprit de realm) of the Universal Ceiling of Sanity Hosted by million-year lived inhabitants of the Universe.

This universe is the House that God, Creator built.  Divinity surpasses physics of motion by providing a means of motion of homo sapiens that sterile Science lacks even when technology is abundantly apparet in motion from transport from and to planets, moons, and comets.

What can travel the distances, but spirited ideas, such as Sanity:thus Love of God the Creator, believed by many to be the only God–when matter holds the living organism to a weighted grave, God provides loving by prayer, seeking, another, or an Other.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez.

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