**URGENT**   Western Civilization and Global Societies

Philosophically we have seen civilization become the savage, not just the social contract peace.

With negative value now given to human behavior, a Value Index emerges.

y<-1, where y=-1 is world nuclear winter.

z=0, neutral consequences

0<x<=+1, constructive value to Earth.

<x<=+1, constructive=”” value=”” to=”” earth.These estimated values of y, z, x are multipliers. If the equation figures cost by price, and the academe estimates cost to the Earth, the answer would be gross profit. Thereby, calculating cost effectiveness, with values determined by the earth sciences.

(Price of raw material) + (price of raw material) × (y ), [for detracting from the market from earth sciences estimate of value]

(Price of raw material) + (price of raw material) × (z), [for neutral earth sciences values in the market.]

(Price of raw material) + (price of raw material) × (x ), [for adding earth sciences value or profit: yes, gross profit does exist when helping to heal the Earth from our mishandling of It. Economic incentives must be put in place!!]



Abraham Boulder

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