The animating principle

Quantum physics “dancing with spirit” turns out to be science inquiring into the understanding of motion and behavior of physics subparticles and limited nano structures that are space and motion of energy level with little matter and plenty of space.

Spirit, for the natural philosopher, possibly physicist, can be an “animating principle” of energy that recombines with matter to try divergent causal combinations and their effect when energy increases when the total mass has exhausted convergent, trial and error, or possibilities “within the box.”

The animating principle is energy for divergent behavior, and includes an identifier that switches on the divergent matter behavior outside the box with divergent chain events searching for multiple answers.

The matter seen in the light (of it not being dark matter) is very little of the presence of the Universe in and around us.

Dark matter does not imply homicide, suicide, singly, or by group.  Dark matter contains within its properties a balancing nature allowing for the cycle of living organic matter in solar light and heat.

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