They take too big of a bite of the sandwich!!

Totalitarianism social science entertains gamblers at “gentlemen’s” clubs experiencing psyche economy of world consciousness of masters of ceremonies (often English department students, possibly professors) a variety of torture techniques which can emphasize “corpse spirit” where unconsciously the spirit gets identified by sensation executed intuitively in the derriere of the dead person (destructive affect intelligence in “aerie substrate”), and can entail a variety of mutilations of the body of a live, then dead person (physically).

This ritual, efforts empowerment, of State supremeness, in which independent analysis and thinking is sacrilegious, to a Hegelian complacency with a degenerating State and an overwhelming mystical experience demanding violently that things remain “what is” as socialist communist and socialist fascist use activism to continually, make matters worse, more sensational violent and blitzkrieg genocide purges.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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