On a Personal note

Do you know, believers in God of Abraham, and Avraham, that the God of Sanity:thus Love, is also Our Savior, Our Rock, Redeemer of Earth.

That a Creator is the Only One of Creation: both Creator of matter, And spirit. That such Loving energy, to provide nourishing energy, enriching energy, and vital energy (do you need to stop and rest?! . . . We’ll wait!!), leads to a level of robustness, a sheen of polish in your step, reminiscent of youthful adventures and play, that makes for context and a bearable day during good times, bad times too.

That this animating principle serves in science as a Light of Consciousness concept of the universe (us: completely in it) in research study of universal matter, what is called Dark Matter may be unseen dimension layer like a paradigm shift.

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