From state constitutional government to an acute pschychiatric disorder, for all Property.

You can argue politics.

You can argue philosophy.

But facts become science, when the nature of the living organisms is not hidden in its environment.

Law to be scientifically confirmed, the greater a large or very large (or more a correct occurrence in the general population: “field”), a very, very large government increases in size, the more acute a social psychiatric disorder becomes scientifically evident in the proposed property of the, if no cover-up, government–sacrificed humans  under their care whom individually experience no psychological boundaries to maintain mental health, no unconscious to keep sane, no ability to work unless given more and more amphetamines till your physically exhausted, then physically recycled.

Must I be killed, for letting you know what happens to the workers in communism.  It’s beugeouire government of socialists that stops people from working, and murders them, to boot.  Christ, you are not people in communism, just an article of performance that they don’t even care to let you do long term!

Abraham Boulder.

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