alive, hospitable Exoplanets

Newtonian physics of Earth in relationship to other planets, in relationship to our sun, in relationship to other planets, and their solar centers, in relationship to other solar systems, in relations to a twirling Milky Way galaxy, in relations to other galaxies, in relations to exoplanets in other galaxies, in relations to all exoplanets in areas to their sun, and correct exoplanet cores, having living vegetation, that grow on its hospitable planet–is a relationship in the Universe that is conceptual physics, essential to MotherEarthShip, Not being a Machine of Death–but the Pursuit of Life.

A constellation of atomic answers (chemical, biological physics) yielding a multi-dimensional cure, encompassing universal physics of subparticles and some nanostructures, centered in this area of the Universe, is more an answer than what we have now, Earth only pursuits–not capturing the full vivaciousness of energy, matter, and motion. More divergent myriad of constellation answers that nuts and bolts convergent engineering conceptualizing. Try doing it in your Earthly sphere pursuits.

Should we have democratic, divergent, post-Pythagorean thinking to determine our destiny, or convergent royal fate concluding our existence.  We have thought convergent, then anchored it to affectiveness of Anarchy International for a watery grave!

Abraham Boulder. –Keven

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