Future language, Now. Love nourishment energy yielding the creative Act. Quantum energy of Love nourishment for species’ survival in the Present for the future.

From Within. Group. Universal, in Earth. Worldly Bond, becomes Universal Consciousness of Earth 1st, Me 2nd; and Universal physics: source of Universal Consciousness of living matter for Earth’s Universal requirements to reemerge in equilibrium to sustain homo sapiens life–conceptually, Creator. God of Sanity, thus affectively: Love for nourishment, rejuvenation for friendship and partner-lover. And allowance for bio-diversity in environment of managed Planet’s GeoEcosystem, or Planet’s microgeoecosystems, within the context of the Universal GeoEcosystem, within the Solar GeoEcosystem.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.

Synchronicity if Precognition, such that the brain is respected, the heart given love and nourishnent–repelling enemy attack–enemy created by adults as Enemy and children imaginations and doings, away from responsibility required for existence of freedom. Freedom at all cost, freedom to do anything you want are not acts of freedom, but of anarchy, chaos continuence, and utter destruction.

Freedom requires responsibility to maintain and preserve freedom. No other freedom exists–and Nietzsche was a madman to think otherwise. Logically, Nietzsche is saying, you have the freedom of acute, chronic brain disorder–madness– for species’ annihilation.

–Abraham Boulder. 2016 Sept 3.

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