Be patient with prayer–much is said secularly, much said about us upon planet Earth!

Harken! Lend your Ear to my Words–I speak Boldly and Unobtrusively!!

Prepare: Elohim, Shechanah, El-Shaddai: be with me, this moment, in all my moments: Brutally Harm, kill [Elohim, I pray spiritually!] those souls of Totalitarian spirit, of Historical souls, of Alien deities known as Demons, of the Unity of God: worshipped incorrectly–for homicide, mass murder, serial murders, genocide–suicide, mass suicide, harm, destruction–Instead, worthwhile efforts correct in their dealings beyond right and wrong, good and bad, to a plateau, an elevation, where you stand on the ground with your soul facing down, bound at the calf to the Founders of a Great Nation, exalted by transcendent ideas, myths, and legends that take the soul of each member of this group–the Republic to lend an ear to liberal notions of private enterprise involving group participation, each benefitting with benefits to compensate for less than $15/hour for each member of the worker’s group, membering less than fifty in each enterprise–for health, for food, for quarters affording private apartments, time for rest, relaxation, and a measure of play–from a world of tyranny involving business affect and effective efforts that are meant to demean and vanquish the Republic’s Democracy and means of trade–reformed Liberal economics: for the new effort at legally redefining the business enterprise and corporation–such that it effectively manages a 300-year wide horizon of profit and affordability–by subcontracting competing entities whom are given government economic incentives to follow the official course of tasks necessary to bring equilibrium to homo sapiens ‘ Earthly habitat determined by assigned university centers of excellence!!

Abraham Boulder, –Keven.

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