Heuristically conceived: “Random, frequent killings have racial ties”

From Mt. Sinai, to the Foot Soldier bound at the calf to the Founders with sole of feet downwards, transcending Airman with Ralph Waldo Emerson literature, to the Bull of Wall Street!

Apparent actions of childhood acquaintances seem to have racial mental complexes unresolved via psychological counseling as adults–possibly due to personality disorders that usually do not seek counseling for psychological therapy.

In their late fifties, one murderer is killing blacks whom may in fact be Jewish on the East Coast primarily, the other murderer is killing Jews in the Pacific Northwest. Both pro-Communist: may kill for personal possessions to distribute to 2nd and 3rd world countries to benefit the consumer there while pro-profit for murderers, burglars, transporters, distribution centers, and re-sale.

In an ageing population, one looks to one’s mother and father to continue their senior years, rather than “the blood of those yet born.” One extends the life of our aged population, and exterminates our newborns, aware on some level of consciousness, that it may be a practice of collective mutual annihilation.

It parallels theory development whose thinking has been watered down and reached a dead end. This can be the case of social contract theory, if one chooses this strain to investigate. And it comes about from the Straussian East Coast liars, and it comes from arguments not survivable, and an anarchists’ cream sauce, a special sauce, of poison for us all, whom the anarchists engage in in delusional Faustian antidotes via smothered infants.

It’s not that one leader engages in these delusions–they all are engaged in these delusions.  And we all are–at least in one very, very important way–the new bornes.

Such delusions are such a tragedy, and the reasoning goes along the lines of “we are merely engaged in enjoying Tapioca pudding”–much the way Marie Antoinette engaged in eating her cake!

It takes business management’s Ph.D’s to profess, “enough already! You’re taking all of my profit in a wide horizon, away from me, to meet short-term goals. I now profess, not only the–benefit–in cost-benefit analysis of wide horizon projections, but I make demands, and execute function, so that this corporate entity is sustainable and survivable through the course of 300-500 years (Science II, hydrogen power, fusion power, bio-genetic engineering of bio-diversity–saving gene samples in dry ice–NOW!)”
–Abraham Boulder.

P.S. So you demand, execute function–and now hire the hatchet man or woman to go after adrenaline driving M.B.A.’s, whom have not increased brain mass by developing thesis to future wide horizons of 300-500 years; but, instead, brain-damaged themselves into brain-deep aggressions that simulate business aggressions in changing environment–but, instead, are static, rot, of psychopaths entailed in serial killings. Removing these brain damaged fakes in business for thought-producing Ph.D’s that did their homework, while others acquired degrees for academic, intellectual Anarchy, International mass suicide.


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