“This is it!,” harken to my voice!!

The Boulder Keystone argument before the subconscious presence before the King, Creator–God of Sanity: thus Love, argued in common, supra law (feet on this exoplanet–a motion to the U.S. Supreme Court Building as the temporary way station for “The Commons” of Universal Consciousness and Everlasting Light of cognitive statement of such a Light, to peer into the darkness of Universal Consciousness and Behold! Great Archetypes, great historical actions through reverie, and great analysis on this Most Difficult moment of our species, homo sapiens!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The High Court of the Heavens, is now in session! Judgement, an act of conscience contacting the Creator, Our Loving God, Almighty, God of Providence:

Satan, Lucifer argues against the U.S. Supreme Court in the Universal Court, of the good God of common wealth. He says,

“The U.S. Constitution is what constitutes citizen entity and what he or she is entitled to do.

What constitutes the U.S. Constitution must include the necessity for the human species’ survival, or the legal argument is an insane argument.

Therefore, any legal argument allowing, by its judgment, directly or indirectly, for the destruction of our species is an insane judicial decision, no matter how technically correct the legal argument is that leads us to our extinction.

You don’t build a house. Put people in it. Then, promptly, by insane judicial action, burn down the house, with the people in it!”

So says our Loving God, Merciful, but Determined, “You are guilty. The precedent stated above will be accepted as a correct legal judgement, and carried out! All will update files and put them in appropriate clouds and historical records. Those wishing to resign, may do so–of every government official with the Intent so stated in this Declaration of Efficacy, ‘All constitutions of all states and the Central State will establish constitutional hearings on what constitutes America, NOW; and, be solemnly liable to record the agreed amendments to our constitutions, so they can be voted on by majority vote. The Electoral College is the institution, should presidential candidates be legally insane, shall elect a proponent of this Beloved Democratic Republic, and a Hayek-mid, Keynesian-left, FDR, Nixon reformed liberal economics that shall never give up on liberal ideas, liberal institutions, and liberal laws to entrust in individual achievement what sole group cannot do, and the collective of responsibility and conscience from a world population given legal entity status by all governments and leaders!'”

Abraham Boulder. –Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez.

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