Wake up call: We need an amendment!

Slime toxic waste 2nd and 3rd generation toxins with NIMBY economics to dump where there is no housing developments.

Housing is closing in on available land. Remainder of land are farms or cities. Farms are typically corporately owned.

Available dump sites mostly corporate farms in rural country. Extremely toxic substances often get dumped on corporate land. Can easily wind up in food and water.

Clean Water Act revision Now to legally align correctly with constitutional law. Keep provisions “with teeth.”

Food Act needed “with teeth,” to keep food supply safe, from chemicals not to be used and not acceptable for farming; via sound economics, including economic incentives from government, private business, and the military.

We need a mandate to get a U.S. Constitutional amendment to allow no law or no judgement stand that leads–directly or indirectly–that is, entails elimination of the human species.

Abraham Boulder.

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