Fire sale: feeling my way

I can’t help but get this feeling, that Jew Seik, China represents learning in our universities. That the Catholic England presents us with heaven heroin body waste.

I would like to study at Stanford for finishing bachelor’s degree and future graduate studies, but I am afraid of being treated as an “Abraham Ricardo” and not David Ricardo, not because I haven’t the same historical economic input in emerging or existing history, and maybe because what preceded in my achievement favors great prosperity here in the U.S. and throughout the G200 global economies.

You know, if it doesn’t happen here, it will happen elsewhere. If we destroy our futures, and destroy liberal ideas, liberal laws, and liberal institutions –that U.S. practically does not exist, because we, the Power of the Governed and Electoral College do not exist, and the ideas that I achieve furthering beyond Jung and Hobbes’ efforts in Practicum an enlightening with regards to “dark” matter ignorance, will stay on cell phones or even smaller devices among 10 billion people that are the populations of this part of the Universe.

What we face is Reverend Jones in Jonestown and sheer brutal butchery going on in “the horror” of Joseph Conrad–highly educated losers telling us to give up our souls, spirit, and brain capabilities, to mind otherthings; other than a glorious 500-1,000 year reign in Marshall PlanII G200 ScienceII Jesus-on-Earth, Orthodox Judaic Meseach commandment that we continue our existence in a post-End-of-Days use of the past while pioneering ScienceII, and partaking in the global G200 Marshall Plan II prosperity involving reformed liberal economics and democracy to distribute income by meritocracy and worth to the business enterprise (education, skill, experience) to various intervals of income bracket for the healthiest, soundest economy, including Israel.
Abraham Boulder

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