Murdering by the States

p. 135 Liber Movies, Carl Jung

“What is better, that man has life a head of him, or that God does?”

–Keven Young Wm. James Tolstoy:

If we seek God’s future, we live life in and utilizing Creation. And survival of the species is a must.

What matters for the State is that there are too many “England” leaders and professors whom should wield power on Science, Math, and applied technologies.

Our standard of deviation is too great from the laws of physics for the Universal exoplanet we are on.

We need to use a Value Index where y< =  -1, is an accomplishment of annihilation.  And work our way to positive decimal values on the Index that sustain livable habitat and recycle or render neutral hazardous waste, radioactive waste; redo the Water Clean Act so it is constitutionally lawful, and establish economic incentive prices that solve the problem of NIMBY’s (not-in-my-neighborhood) present contamination of our residences, hometowns, byways, streams, rivers, and oceans.

Abraham Boulder

P.S.  unfortunately what faces us now is the squandering of “supreme meaning,” spoken by Jung, and quite literally a “brother” filled to the top with absurdity like a circus clown.

The “absurdities and squandering” of valuable information of a war-level blackout of information and truth, for Apple watch wearing State-sponsored death squads of mass murder.

Know well: Divine destiny occurs when the human species achieves by the calculus of human endeavor, human labor allowed the latitude and longitude of liberal thinking for accurate, precision work to be done with overdosing on amphetamines and killing off the work force.

All deserve a human living wage that Expands, thereby enlargering the liberal economy, dispensed over 10 years, or political economy, 5 years,  to avoid too high an inflation of the Nation-State occurring under single rise in wage earnernings at the minimum living wage.

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