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Fire&Light by Burns, p. 28.

Spinoza believes in a democratic Commonwealth. de Witt, a secular republic that assured free thought and religious toleration. de Witt, a lawyer whose real passion was mathematics, was, in effect, ruler of the Netherlands.

To this I, Abraham Boulder, add, “‘free thought and religious toleration’ through liberal philosophies (i.e., ideas supporting individual’s liberty), and consequently supporting scientific research and development, as well as applied technologies (liberal institutions in creative innovation), and liberal laws to avoid suppression, oppression, depression, torture, and elimination; by toleration outlined in the U.S. Constitution, amendments and judicial decisions not interfering with the survival of our bio-genetic species in its variety.

So ruled, so profits taken from industry. Business in any other form, is a ransacking of the Treasury and annhilation of all Americans for robotic smart fill-ups, and a retainer of the 5 percent and 1 percent of net income.

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